Research Participant Checklist

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What should I ask before volunteering?

If you are asked to participate in a research project, you might want to ask the following questions to help you decide whether or not you want to take part in the study (print out the below check list and bring it with you, if you'd like)

Research Participant Checklist
¨Who is doing this study and what questions might it answer?
¨Who reviewed or approved this study?
¨What could happen to my health, good or bad, if I take part in this study?
¨Is it possible that I will receive a placebo (inactive substance)?
¨What tests or procedures will I have during the study?
¨How long will this study last?
¨If I decide to participate, how will it affect my daily life?
¨Will I have to make extra trips to the study location?
¨Could my condition get worse during the study? What happens if it does?
¨Will I be charged anything or paid anything to be in this study?
¨Who will be in charge of my care? Can I continue seeing my own doctor?
¨Who will be told I am taking part in this study? What information will they receive?
¨What happens to any specimens that I give?
¨What happens after the study ends?
¨Will I be told the results of the study?
¨How do I end my participation in the study if I change my mind?
¨What other options do I have if I decide not to take part in this study?
¨Whom do I contact for questions and information about the study?

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