Continuing Review

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Click on a form/document name in the table below to open the individual form. Save the form to your computer desktop and reopen it before completing.

Continuing Review Application

This form is no longer in use.  Instead, log into ESTR:  to "Create Modification/CR" and follow prompts.

Research Protocol

Upload this document if not currently maintained in the system or when proposing changes by logging into ESTR: (Note that this form is not required for Not Human Subjects Research Requests or at the time of continuing review when the human research activities are limited to data analysis).

Summary of Study Progress Template

A summary of study progress is required at the time of continuing review (this should include an explanation of any “yes” responses to question #6 of the ESTR continuing review smartform).  This template can be used to provide a study summary and support responses to the Continuing Review application in ESTR.

Questions about what to submit? Please contact us.