Staff Contacts

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Delia Wolf, MD, JD, MSCI, CIP
Institutional Official (I.O.)
Associate Dean, Regulatory Affairs & Research Compliance
Phone: 617-432-2148

Staci Landis, BS
Assistant to Delia Wolf
ORARC Coordinator
Phone: 617-432-2157

Leslie Howes, MPH, CIP
Phone: 617-432-2153

IRB Staff

Name/Biography Title Phone # Email Address
Julie Kaberry, MPH, CIP IRB Administrative Chair 617-432-2149
Grace Bullock, BA IRB Coordinator 617-432-3071
Jada Dixon, MJ, MPH IRB Review Specialist 617-432-2142
Paul Hryvniak, MS, CIP IRB Review Specialist 617-432-2143
Keren-Nicole Insalaco, MS, CIP, CIM IRB Review Specialist 617-432-5174
Kim Serpcio, MEd, CIP IRB Review Specialist 617-432-7434
Keisha Turner, BA IRB Review Specialist 617-432-2160












QIP Staff

Name/Biography Title Phone # Email Address
Stanley Estime, MSCI, CIP Senior QA/QI Specialist 617-432-2164
Lisa Gabel, CIP QA/QI Specialist 617-432-5842
Alyssa Speier, MS, CIP QA/QI Specialist 617-432-2140







Please feel free contact us at 617-432-2149 (toll free at 1-866-606-0573) with any questions, concerns, complaints, allegations of coercion or undue influence, or feedback about the HSPH Human Research Protection Plan. If you prefer to provide your comments anonymously, anyone (including HSPH employees) may do so by using this form.