Service Areas

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Service Areas
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Budget Process David Smallwood 998-6888
Corporate Card Jonathan Knight 998-6882
Credit Vouchers Grace Cao 998-6876
Effort Samantha Cohen Speyer 998-6878
Equipment Samantha Cohen Speyer 998-6878
Expense Policy Donna Cantillo 998-6875
F&A Cost Proposal & Indirect Cost Recovery Grace Shin 998-6889
Financial Systems Access Christine Jones 998-6892
Gift Exception Requests Jonathan Knight 998-6882
Gifts & Endowments Mike Harty 998-6881
HCOM How To’s Christine Jones 998-6892
Journals Winnie Chan 998-6886
Long Range Financial Plan Nathalie Apchin 998-6866
Over 90-day Exception Requests Jonathan Knight 998-6882
Over 90-day Cost Transfers on Sponsored Awards Rita Bergemann 432-5200
PCard Christine Jones 998-6892
Petty Cash Donna Cantillo 998-6875
Preferred Vendors Donna Cantillo 998-6875
Procurement Jeff DiCiaccio 432-5333
Reimbursement Approval Hierarchy Jonathan Knight 998-6882
Research Finance Rita Bergemann 432-5200
Research Policy Compliance Rita Bergemann 432-5200
Service Center Equipment Grace Shin 998-6891
Service Centers Grace Shin 998-6891
Short Term Operating Advance Donna Cantillo 998-6875
Space Density Grace Shin 998-6891
Sponsored Audits Rita Bergemann 432-5200
Sub-recipient Monitoring Rita Bergemann 432-5200
Tax Questions (regarding payments to individuals) Donna Cantillo 998-6875
Tax Questions (regarding payments to institutions) Mike Harty 998-6881
Travel & Reimbursement Jonathan Knight 998-6882
WIP Fabrication Equipment Grace Shin 998-6891
Year End Close & Accruals Winnie Chan 998-6886