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Welcome to the HMS Budget web page. Our goal is to provide a transparent and collaborative decision-making process that optimally aligns School resources with our education and research mission(s). We are committed to providing our community with the expertise and support necessary to make informed budgetary decisions and to providing broad oversight of the School’s fiscal health. Our main responsibilities include the coordination of the School’s long range financial plan, the annual budget process, and in providing periodic financial reporting and analysis to the departments, the leadership of the School, and the University.

Financial Planning & Analysis Team

Adam Fitzgerald, Financial Analyst
(617) 432-5612; adam_fitzgerald@hms.harvard.edu

Jennifer Grandfield, Senior Financial Analyst
(617) 432-5632; jennifer_grandfield@hms.harvard.edu

Gerard Lavoie, Senior Financial Analyst
(617) 432-5187 gerard_lavoie@hms.harvard.edu

Robert Liacopoulos, Associate Director of Financial Planning & Analysis
(617) 432-5628; robert_liacopoulos@hms.harvard.edu

Lana Lipovetskiy, Sr. Financial Analyst
(617) 432-5629; lana_lipovetskiy@hms.harvard.edu

Chuba Mbaneme, Financial Analyst
(617) 432-5630; chuba_mbaneme@hms.harvard.edu

Amanda Muldoon, Financial Analyst
(617) 432-5611; amanda_muldoon@hms.harvard.edu

Clayton Samuels, Sr. Financial Analyst
(617) 432-5634; clayton_samuels@hms.harvard.edu

David Smallwood, Director of Financial Planning &Analysis
(617) 432-5638; david_smallwood@hms.harvard.edu