Initiatives, Programs, Centers and Institutes

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HMS Initiatives, Programs, Centers and Institutes (IPCI)

HMS has a strong interest in promoting new and established Initiatives, Programs, Centers and Institutes (hereafter referred to as Centers) in order to foster a culture of collaboration and innovation that is essential to its mission. HMS is also committed to supporting select, exploratory initiatives which have the potential to develop into larger entities over time.

Centers are organizational structures created to facilitate interdisciplinary, interdepartmental, and inter-institutional collaboration for the purposes of research and education. The various designations correspond to academic scope and funding level.

The Principles and Guidelines document for HMS Initiatives, Programs, Centers, and Institutes is designed to provide HMS faculty with transparent and supportable guidelines for the organization and governance of research and education involving interdisciplinary, interdepartmental and inter-institutional work.

Principles and Guidelines Document

Application-New IPCI

Report Template-Existing IPCI

Sample Financial Template

Faculty Council Presentation - Jan. 2015


For more information please contact:

Jessica St. Louis, Sr. Project Coordinator
Dean’s Office for Academic and Clinical Affairs
25 Shattuck St.  Boston, MA 02115





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