From the Director

Medical Education

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From the Director

Welcome to the HMS Center for Evaluation. The Center serves several functions in the Program in Medical Education (PME), but our activities focus around two key matters. First is student assessment. We work with the leadership of the PME and course and clerkship directors to assure that students are assessed in ways that are both reliable and valid. We direct, serve on, and assist several faculty committees in order to establish procedures and determine policies 1) so that students are assessed in ways that provide feedback for development and growth, and 2) that determine whether students have met the criteria for advancement and graduation. We assist faculty in monitoring student performance so that they may provide remediation and support for students who are having difficulties and offer greater challenges for others so that all may reach their full potential. We oversee the Objective Structured Clinical Exams (OSCEs), which are administered at two points in time: for students as they complete their pre-clerkship experiences and for students as they complete their Principal Clinical Experience, the latter a graduation requirement.
In the area of evaluation, the Center is involved in multiple projects that attempt to determine the success of the PME in meeting its stated goals and in determining the impact of educational innovations at the Medical School. Just as physicians urge the practice of evidence-based medicine, we urge the practice of evidence-based education. In essence, this blurs the distinction between solid, practical evaluation and rigorous scientific research in order to provide data to determine the success of recent innovations as well as data that will inform future ones.



Our Mission

To create and nurture a diverse community of the best people committed to leadership in alleviating human suffering caused by disease.