Program Evaluation and Student Assessment

Medical Education

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Vision Statement

The HMS Center for Evaluation is committed to collecting, providing, and utilizing information about students, courses, clerkships, faculty, and educational programs at Harvard Medical School so that decisions can be made in an evidence-based manner.


The mission of the Center for Evaluation is to serve as the nexus for assessment and evaluation activities in the Program in Medical Education. The Center is instrumental in

  • developing and implementing procedures and producing reports that provide feedback from students on courses and clerkships
  • implementing reviews of the clerkships, providing information that is the basis of ongoing quality improvement
  • overseeing the OSCE exams, thereby providing feedback to students on their clinical competence and to clerkships on how well they have prepared students (click on the following video link for more information)

  • working with the Assessment Committee to monitor and revise policies and evaluation instruments for the assessment of students, faculty, and courses
  • providing guidance and expertise to those faculty who desire to engage in the evaluation of projects, courses, and programs
  • assisting medical students, residents, and fellows to develop and practice skills in assessment and evaluation
  • conducting regular evaluation of the medical curriculum and various school-wide pilot programs, thereby providing input for ongoing improvement
  • engaging in evaluation research linking student performance and outcomes, providing guidance for decisions about students, programs, and policies
  • engaging in scholarship that contributes to the empirical and conceptual literature in evaluation and assessment 



Medical student practicing a physical exam on a standardized patient.

Real as a Heart Attack, Almost

Acted out medical conditions formative for future physicians.