Areas of Scholarship

Medical Education

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Scholarly Project Areas

HMS students can take advantage of many opportunities to carry out scholarly projects in the United States and abroad. Projects generally can be categorized in the following areas:

Biologic and Translational Research

Focus: Fundamental research involving genes, molecules, microbes, cells or animals. Also patient-oriented research and translational, bench to bedside studies, clinical genetics, and pharmacogenetics.

Global and Community Health

Focus: Global health and community health projects that focus on populations and social determinants of health.

Health Care Policy and Health Services

Focus: Health services research utilizing administrative databases and the like; research and policy studies in systems of care at the state or national levels.

Medical Humanities

Focus: Medical ethics, education, anthropology, narrative medicine, and the history of medicine.

Outcomes Research, Quality Improvement, and Clinical Epidemiology

Focus: Outcomes research, quality improvement research, clinical improvement programs, clinical epidemiology.

Systems Innovations in Primary Care

Focus: Innovative transformations in health care delivery in team-based primary care, management and prevention of chronic illnesses, management of patients with multiple illnesses, and patient empowerment and behavior change.

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