Medical Education

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Graduation was May 28, 2015     

Graduation is a day of ceremony and celebration at Harvard University and Harvard Medical School. Students are granted the M.D. and any other advanced degrees they have earned; they are hooded and they receive their diplomas.

Graduation consists of two parts: the Commencement Ceremony and Class Day. Information about specific timelines and other details are distributed directly to graduating students.


HMS and HSDM Class Day Roundup

The Power of Selflessness

Class Day Speaker: Caregivers can change the world

“Selflessness is contagious,” said Rajesh Panjabi, HMS instructor in medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and co-founder and CEO of Last Mile Health, in his remarks as HMS and HSDM keynote speaker.

“Selfless acts give us—caregivers—the power to change the world.” Read more »

Going the Extra Mile

Class Day speakers exhort new physicians to listen and to serve 

Speakers at the Class Day ceremonies encouraged new physicians and dentists to be respectful of the power of selfless acts, and urged them to remain curious and employ the power of teamwork in the healing arts.

Read excerpts from Class Day speeches »

Commencement 2016 -

Thursday, May 26, 2016



Class Day

on the Quad

HMS and HSDM graduates celebrate their accomplishments, ready to launch their careers in science and medicine.

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and Excited

Graduates savor triumphs and ponder responsibilities

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Commencement 2015

Photo Gallery

Harvard University confers degrees on HMS and HSDM graduates

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Dean Flier's


Exercise Your Curiosity

Our newest physicians may consider letting curiosity get the better of them as they begin their careers. Read Dean Flier's Class Day remarks