Education Matters

Medical Education

Education Matters


What motivates doctors to commit their lives to alleviating human suffering caused by disease? This video series helps answer that question as HMS physicians and medical students tell you about what they do, why they love it and why it matters. Watch the future of medicine take form.



Sherri-Ann Burnett-Bowie: Teaching about unconscious bias

Sherri-Ann Burnett-Bowie


Ed Hundert: Dedicating our lives to the care of others

Ed Hundert


Cindy Cooper: There's power in the aha! moments of teaching and learning

Cindy Cooper


Barbara Ogur: Bringing the science of medicine to the care of individual patients

Barbara Ogur


Matthew Frosch: Helping students who are scientifically and experimentally minded

Matthew Frosch


Kip McKenzie: Finding a deep commitment that allows for stamina

Kip McKenzie


Hope Ricciotti: Training future leaders

Hope Ricciotti


Andy Lichtman: Keeping a youthful outlook

Andy Lichtman


Alex McAdam: Sparking the interests of students

Education Matters with Alex McAdam




Mary Tate: My presence as a black woman at Harvard matters

Mary Tate


Simin Lee: Helping others and making a contribution to society

Simin Lee


Manjinder Kandola: The larger role that physicians have to play

Manjinder Kandola


Brian Powers: Tackling complex problems daily

Brian Powers


Cameron Nutt: The practice of medicine is more than just prescribing medicines




Science Matters video series

Ed Krupat: Evaluating the educational process

Ed Krupat, associate professor of psychology and the director for the Center for Evaluation, looks at medical education and its outcomes in this video.

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Science Matters video series

Researchers Share Their Passion for Science

Faculty members explain what they do and why it matters in this video series