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Online lectures

Introduction to Epidemiology

Introduction, overview, definition, outcome measurements            
Causal Inference; measures of association                
Study design - Randomized controlled trials                
Study design - Cohort Studies                            
Study design - Case-Control studies                        
Confounding and Bias                            
Methods for Controlling Confounding, Matching, Effect Modification    

Introduction to Biostatistics

Introduction, measures of location, normal distribution                
Estimation, Central Limit Theorem, Confidence Intervals            
Hypothesis testing, one-sample and two-sample t-tests                
Hypothesis testing, non-parametric one-sample and two-sample t-tests        
Analysis of proportions                                
Power and Sample Size                                
Introduction to Linear Regression                    
Multiple Linear Regression                            
Introduction to Logistic Regression           

Stata Programming

Stata Workshop 1                             
Stata Workshop 2                                
Stata Workshop 3                                
Stata Workshop 4                            
Stata Workshop 5                                
Stata Workshop 6                                
Stata Workshop 7                                 
Stata Workshop 8                                

Clinical Trials:

Design and Ethical Considerations                
Protocol and Endpoints                    
Population, Recruitment and Baseline Assessment        
Randomization, Stratification and Blinding        


Protection of Subjects                                
Informed Consent: Role of the Institutional Review Board            
Ethical Issues in Children                                                                           


Epidemiology Lectures Question and Answer
Introduction to Stata
Hypothesis testing with Stata
Biostatistics Question and Answer
Power and Sample Size Using Stata
Ethics Case Study with Question and Answer
How to PubMed
Epidemiology Final Exam Review Session
Biostatistics Final Exam Review Session

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