Recruitment Process

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People are our greatest resource. HMS is the leading medical school in the country, and we attribute this to the remarkable people who teach, conduct research and work here. A central tenet of the Human Resource mission is to identify and hire individuals who reflect the values of this institution and who will be dedicated to the success of our daily efforts “to create and nurture a diverse community of the best people committed to leadership in alleviating human suffering caused by disease.”  Below, please find the tools and resources needed to gain an understanding of the recruitment process and to successfully attract and retain the highest quality talent. 

The HMS Recruitment Process
This comprehensive guide has been designed to provide insight into the recruitment process and hiring at HMS. Click here for an at-a-glance Overview of the  Recruitment Process.  If you have any questions on the recruitment process, please contact your HR Recruiter.

1. Completion of Job Posting  and Position Request Form
 *Completing and submitting the Job Posting and Position Request Form
     Form Section 1: Contact Information
     Form Section 2: Position Information: Position Title, Working Title, Headcount, Work Sched., Candidate in Mind, Alternative Work Arrang.
     Form Section 3: Funding Information
     Form Section 4: Job Description: Duties and Responsibilities, Basic Qualifications, Additional Qualifications
     Form Section 5: Job Posting and Position Request Addendum
 *Review by HMS Classification Committee
Section Quick Links:  Job Posting & Position Request Form, Harvard Salary Grade Ranges, HUCTW Generic Job Descriptions, Harvard Jobs, Basic Qualifications, HMS Classification Committee

2. Position Posting Process
 *Job Posted to ASPIRE
 *External Postings
 *Diversity Recruitment Resources
Section Quick Links: Diversity and Inclusion Partnerships, Administrative Fellows Program, Effective Strategies for Recruiting a Diverse Team

3. Intake Meeting

4. Screening and Interviewing
 *Resume Review
 *Hiring Manager Role
 *Good candidates do not stick around forever
 *Phone Screens
 *Preparing for an Interview
 *Format of an Interview
 *Identifying a Finalist(s)
Section Quick Links:  ASPIRE Hiring Manager - The Basics, Guide to Legally Permissible Interview Questions and Discussions, Behavioral Interview Questions, Guide to Interview Questions for Hiring Managers, HMS Competencies, General Record Retention Schedule

5. Reference Checks
 *Checking References: Skill Survey
Section Quick Links: SkillSurvey Brochure

6. Offers and Pre-employment Screening
 *Salary Offers     
 *Pre-employment Screening
Section Quick Links: Harvard Salary Grade Ranges

7. Closing the Position in Aspire
Section Quick Links: Applicant Data for Affirmative Action Reporting, Compliant Recruiting: Guide to Harvard Disposition Codes




Our Mission

To create and nurture a diverse community of the best people committed to leadership in alleviating human suffering caused by disease.