Minors on Campus Policy

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Minors on Campus:

Each year more than 50,000 minors interact with Harvard University through camps, academic enrichment experiences, and myriad other programs.  

The Policy for the Safety & Protection of Minors establishes:

Please Note: The term “Minor” refers to any person under the age of 18 except (a) minors who are enrolled at Harvard College or Harvard University’s Graduate and Professional Schools as full-time students, (b) minors while receiving medical or dental care from Harvard University Health Services or the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, and (c) minors who are subjects in a research study, which are covered by the policies and procedures of the relevant Institutional Review Board (“IRB”). While these guidelines are not limited to Harvard Programs, and are intended to provide guidance to anyone that interacts with a Minor in his or her Harvard-affiliated capacity, the term “Program” as used in the guidelines includes any organized event or activity that includes participants.

Please contact José Martinez, Senior HR Compliance Manager with any questions (jose_martinez@hms.harvard.edu).





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