PeopleSoft and MARS

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Our two primary systems for HR data at Harvard Medical School are PeopleSoft and MARS:

PeopleSoft is the university’s HR, payroll, and benefits system, and is the system of record for all employment and academic appointments.   

MARS (Medical Area Reporting System) is an HMS/HSDM system allowing viewing and reporting of HMS and HSDM job and academic appointments. MARS receives data from PeopleSoft and historical HMS systems and does not allow direct data entry.

The following access is automatically assigned as appropriate for PeopleSoft:
Employee self service 
•    Report time
•    Request/report absences and view absence balances
•    View paychecks
•    Enroll in benefits
•    Update personal information
•    Participate in performance management
Manager self service
•    View information on direct reports and their direct reports
•    Participate in performance management for direct reports

The following access must be specifically requested, as it is not automatically assigned: 

For HMS employees on the quad:

Email to request access to PeopleSoft time and absence 
•    Approving and adjusting reported time or absences for employees

To request access for HMS/Quad-based employees, use the Harvard Medical School Systems Access Form for:
•    Prepare or approve new hire forms (PeopleSoft)
•    Update costing (PeopleSoft)
•    View Performance Management status (PeopleSoft)
•    View appointment information (MARS)
•    Run reports (MARS) 
•    Obtain eTADs to change or end existing appointments (MARS)

For Affiliated hospital employees: 

Use the PeopleSoft/MARS Request - Affiliated Hospitals form to request access to
•    Prepare or approve new hire forms (PeopleSoft)
•    View appointment information (MARS)
•    Run reports (MARS) 
•    Obtain eTADs to change or end existing appointments (MARS)

In some cases additional authorization will be required.

Questions about what access you need? Contact your Human Resources or Faculty Affairs coordinator, or email