Grading Positions

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  • HMS HR utilizes a classification committee; comprised of recruiters, sr. human resource consultants, coordinators and compensation staff members, to review staff positions, determine the job function, check against established benchmarks and similar positions at HMS, and determine a salary grade and range.
  • The University classification systems consists of 18 grade ranges which have a minimum, midpoint and a maximum salary.
  • Each position is classified into one of 17 job functions in order to best benchmark positions for grading and salary determination.
  • Positions are graded initially for posting purposes and can be re-graded if reclassified once the duties of the position have substantively changed. (see resource document Understanding Job Classification and Reclassification at HMS).



Grading Links and Documents

  1. Understanding Job Classification and Reclassification at HMS
  2. Classification and Reclassification Process Flow Chart
  3. Job Classification Form
  4. Job Reclassification Form
  5. Job Codes (Harvie)
  6. HUCTW Generic Job Descriptions




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