Managed Procurement


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Managed Procurement Workstream

Our community has identified the need for better management of purchasing goods and services as a key driver of future cost savings for the School. We anticipate that a more effective procurement process will result in significant cost savings to the School while streamlining the process for the community. To support this initiative, we are seeking an individual to serve as the director of strategic procurement at HMS. This individual will lead an office accountable for working with our community to develop procurement strategies that will ensure access to the goods and services we need to support our activities, and to establish and leverage existing relationships with suppliers that allow us to obtain the most competitive price for those goods we require.

One key component of this initiative is the development of a preferred office supply list to help guide and streamline purchases.

Workstream Team Members

Rick Shea (
Probhitha Forbes                
Patricia Guest
Dan Hart
Shannon Robichaud
Betsy Shortell
Paul Williams
Kim Trelegan