Research Data Storage Services

HMS Information Technology

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Storage Service



Home Directories

Every Orchestra user is given a home directory



Scratch Directories

Short term storage area for current use data

 5 TB/User
 30 days retention

Isilon Research Storage

Persistent storage with high performance, accessible from personal computers, collaborations. Data is fully protected by snapshots and replication.


Isilon No-Backup Research Storage*

For data that can be recovered from other sources

 NO replication and NO snapshot

 User agreement required

Elastic Cloud Storage*

Protected data but slower access than Isilon

 Data access may take several seconds depending on file size

Long Term Storage

Offline storage of large volumes of historical or infrequently accessed data

 Retrieval time may take up to 2-4 weeks depending on data volume

Data Sharing Directories

Reserved for published and publication-quality datasets with broad HMS community utility/impact

 Requires  Faculty Advisory Committee approval

 1 PB maximum for all shared directories in CY 17

 Local access on Orchestra nodes


*Future Service Offerings currently in pilot stage