Harvard Medical School MED Domain

HMS Information Technology

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Harvard Medical School MED Domain

The MED Domain is the name given to the Harvard Medical School network. Depending on your needs, you may automatically connect to MED domain, which enables "single sign on" to network applications such as eCommons, e-mail and shared folders. If you don't automatically log in to the MED domain, but have access rights to information stored in a shared folder, you can connect to IT file servers from any networked computer on the Harvard Medical School campus. You can connect to personal and shared folders on the MED domain from both on and off campus by following the instructions provided in the guides to connecting to the file server.

If your computer has been "bound" to the MED domain, you'll automatically be connected to a Home folder on the IT File Server, where you can store all of your data documents. Benefits to being bound to the MED domain include automated backups and multiple user accessibility. Follow the steps below if you're not sure if the computer you're working on is currently "bound" to the MED domain.

Please contact the HMS IT Service Desk with any questions or concerns you may have by calling 617-432-2000 or sending us an email.

On a Macintosh Running 10.6 or Newer

  1. In the Finder, from the Apple menu choose System Preferences
  2. Click on Accounts
  3. Click on Login Options
  4. If you do not see an entry for "med.harvard.edu", next to Network Account Server, the computer is not bound to the MED domain.
  5. Close System Preferences when done

On a PC

Typically, if you log in to your computer using your eCommons username and password, you are logging in to the MED domain. If you're still unsure, follow the steps below.

  1. From the Desktop, click Start and right-click on My Computer
  2. Choose Properties from the pop-up menu
  3. Click Computer Name
  4. Computers bound to the MED domain will display the word Domain: followed by MED.HARVARD.EDU
  5. Click OK