Database Administration

HMS Information Technology

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Database Administration and Management Services


Database administration and support for enterprise-level, as well as smaller-scale database systems

Key Features and Benefits

  • Support for database systems, including Oracle, SQLServer, and FileMaker Server
  • Support for hardware platforms, including Linux (RHEL), and Windows Server
  • Database hardware specification and capacity planning
  • Database installation and configuration
  • Ongoing database software maintenance, patching, and upgrades
  • Database monitoring (both process and infrastructure)
  • Database troubleshooting, including SQL query analyses and tuning
  • Database performance tuning, vulnerability scanning, encryption, backup, and recovery

Available To

All HMS faculty, staff, and departments

Requirements and Limitations

Customers must:

  • Comply with Service Use Policies
  • Adhere to HMS Information Technology Policies and the Harvard Enterprise Information Security Policy (HEISP)
  • Pay for client software licenses and applicable vendor support contract costs
  • Approve timely implementation of all vendor-supplied security and compliance-related upgrades and patches
  • Perform system and application “health checks” in the event of planned and unplanned outages
  • Follow a release/change management framework for implementing changes to servers, databases, and applications
  • Provide and maintain currency of accurate primary and secondary contact information
  • Subscribe to email notification (listserv) for network-related announcements.

Full support is available for Oracle, SQLServer, and FileMaker Server. Other database products may be supported on a best-effort basis.

Questions or concerns? Please contact the HMS IT Service Desk at