Email Qualifications

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Email Qualifications

The primary requirement for an HMS email account is a formal relationship to HMS, as defined below. This pertains to all students, staff and faculty. When students, staff, and faculty are in a joint role, or have more than one job position at Harvard (such as both faculty and staff), they will have only one HMS email account.


All support and administrative staff qualify for an HMS email account. While most qualify for the automatic establishment of an email account, a few will still require pre-authorization. (See below). Automatic account establishment is contingent on employee data residing in the School’s HR system (PeopleSoft).

For qualifying staff, the email account will be automatically created 14 working days before the date of hire that is entered into the PeopleSoft system. If the hire date is retroactive, the account will be established as soon as possible upon request.

Staff employees in the groups below do not automatically receive an HMS email account. However, any of these employees may request an HMS email account by filling out the self-service Email Application form once their eCommons account has been established.

  1. LHT employees
  2. Temporary employees


All quad based faculty, post docs, and research associates qualify for automatic email account establishment. The email account will be automatically created 3 working days before the appointment start date entered into the PeopleSoft system. If the start date is retroactive or the individual is transferring from another Harvard University entity, the account will be established as soon as possible upon request.

Faculty who are appointed through Clinical Departments at Affiliated Institutions generally do not qualify for an “” email account. Exceptions may be granted for legitimate business reasons, such as faculty who have significant administrative roles at HMS, have a primary academic appointment at HMS, or submit grant applications through HMS. Requests for an email account should be directed to the HMS Office for Faculty Affairs at, which will evaluate the request with stakeholder input and will make a decision along with the HMS Chief Information Officer. 


All registered students in the HMS or DMS programs qualify for HMS email. Email addresses will be set up for incoming classes as soon as they reach pre-matriculant status. Email accounts will be made available to students during orientation. Cross-registered students and Exchange Clerks do not qualify for HMS email accounts.

Departmental Accounts

Departments often need generalized accounts for receiving communications not tied to specific people. Specified individuals within each department are authorized to request these accounts by sending an email to Accounts established within this category may be approved for up to 12 months at a time and then need re-approval at each 12 month interval. Departmental Accounts will be reviewed on an annual basis, and terminated if they are no longer in use.

Guest Accounts

In addition to students, faculty and staff, Harvard also utilizes the services of contract consultants and other invited users who may conduct work on behalf of HMS. In such circumstances, a Harvard employee at HMS must serve as a sponsor to request email access for the individual for legitimate business purposes, which access will be afforded for a 6-month renewable term. A sponsor may request a guest account by completing the Invited User Request form on the HMS IT website.

The sponsor is required to terminate the access by the consultant and/or invited user when the relationship terminates. Guest Accounts will be reviewed on a biannual basis, and terminated if they are no longer in use.

Change in Eligibility

Should an individual’s circumstances change such that he or she is no longer eligible for an “” email account, HMS reserves the right to terminate the email account.

Separation from Harvard Medical School and Impact on Email Accounts

There are a variety of ways in which faculty, staff, students, consultants, and invited users separate from Harvard Medical School.

Termination - Staff, Faculty, and Post Docs

Email accounts for Staff, Faculty and Post Docs are deactivated immediately upon termination. The HMS exit process will automatically inactivate access to the HMS email system and all other HMS provided services and systems, including any further forwarding service. If you require an automatic reply past your end date, please contact the HMS IT Service Desk for assistance.

Graduation from HMS - Student Alumnus/a

Students remain eligible to have email accounts until they graduate or cease to be registered without an approved Leave. Students who graduate from Harvard Medical School will have their email accounts terminated in the last week of July, regardless of when in the academic year graduation occurs. Currently HMS graduates may maintain a Harvard email account for life via Alumni services. Prior to matriculation, students are encouraged to obtain a “” email forwarding account. Retiring Faculty who hold honorary or other degrees from Harvard should contact the Alumni Office to obtain a “” email forwarding account.

Termination – Invited Users & Consultants

The sponsor of the invited guest account is required to terminate the access of the consultant and/or invited user when the relationship terminates. When invited users or consultants terminate from HMS, their HMS email and other IT services accounts will be terminated the day their contract ends.

Retirement from HMS

Staff and faculty who retire from HMS are not eligible for an HMS email account with the exception of quad based Faculty who become Emeritus. Upon becoming emeritus the current “” email account will be transitioned to a new email account with an address of “”.

Leave of Absence

When a student, faculty, or staff member is officially on a leave of absence, the email account will remain active for use during the leave.

  • Faculty and staff must have a “Leave of Absence” action with an end date processed in the PeopleSoft system. If the faculty or staff member terminates from HMS at the end of the leave, the email account will also terminate as of the end of the leave.
  • Students on leaves of absence must have a “Leave of Absence” or “Registered: Other Degree Program” recorded in the registrar system. 

Download the complete HMS Email Policy (pdf format)