Dropbox FAQs

HMS Information Technology

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Frequently Asked Questions

What email address should I use to setup Dropbox for Business at HMS?

Participation in this HMS Dropbox service requires that you use your Primary HMS email address. You can still use your non-Harvard email address for your personal Dropbox and then link to your HMS account for syncing to all your devices. More info is here:  https://www.dropbox.com/en/help/4235

Is Dropbox for Business at HMS good enough for me to store and share my important research data?

This environment is suitable for your “real” HMS data.

How secure is Dropbox for Business at HMS, and how compliant is it with Harvard Data Security recommendations?

Dropbox is approved for use with up to Harvard Data Security Level 3 data only. (Level 4 will be announced in Phase 2)

Are there any plans to increase the Data Security Level of Dropbox for Business at HMS?

Yes, there are plans to increase to Level 4 in Phase 2 of the rollout.

I already have a personal Dropbox account. How do I deal with that?

We suggest keeping your personal and HMS accounts separate. 

I already have a personal Dropbox account that is associated with my HMS email address. How do I deal with that?

We recommend you:

Other options include:

I already have a Dropbox Business or a Dropbox Teams account. How do I deal with that?

Please contact us at dropboxteam@hms.harvard.edu so we can assist you.

I have an iCloud account with Apple. What possibly could go wrong?

If you do have issues, there’s a fix!

How do I move files between my various Dropbox accounts?

Should I connect the various Dropbox accounts?

It depends on how you want to use your accounts. Consider the features of connecting your accounts or not connecting your accounts.

How do I switch between Dropbox accounts?

It’s easy!

How can I share files with colleagues inside and outside of Harvard?

Follow the easy steps outlined here.

Can HMS see files in my Dropbox for Business account?

In the case of individually possessed data, Harvard Medical School IT follows a strict code of conduct with respect to data access. Requests for access to electronic information are governed by the Harvard University Access to Electronic Information (AEI) Policy. HMS has formed a committee to review and approve such requests in accordance with the AEI policy. More info can be found here.

What happens with my data in Dropbox for Business at HMS after I leave HMS?

Accounts cannot be unenrolled from HMS Dropbox. When you leave, you can transfer data from your HMS account to an alternate Dropbox.

Can my data in Dropbox for Business be transferred to someone else before I leave HMS?

You can request data be transferred to another Dropbox user, like your PI. Please email dropbox@hms.harvard.edu for assistance.

Is Dropbox Paper available for HMS?

No. Due to HMS security requirements, we are not able to offer the Dropbox Paper BETA at this time.

I LOVE Dropbox for Business at HMS, how can I let you know that?

Drop us a line at dropbox@hms.harvard.edu!