Dropbox for Business

HMS Information Technology

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Harvard Medical School Information Technology is pleased to bring Drobox for Business to our research community. The new offering is positioned to enable secure, supported and Harvard University sanctioned storage, sync and share. Our mission is to establish sustainable use of this tool to support research and collaboration within HMS and with external collaborators.


  • HMS Quad-based Staff/Faculty/PostDoc/GradStudent appointment
  • OnQuad and Invited Users are eligible.
  • Users MUST register using their "Primary" HMS email address. Alias' are not recognized by Dropbox.
  • No non-Harvard email addresses (e.g. gmail, yahoo, etc)
  • Up to Harvard Level 3 Data Only (No Level 4 Data at this time)


  • Available to all HMS Quad-based Staff/Faculty/PostDocs. HMS affiliates do not qualify for this license.
  • Students who work in HMS-based research labs are also eligible. (No verification needed)
  • Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac
  • Registration: by Harvard email only

Questions? Check the FAQs!

Dropbox for Business Administration Whitepaper

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