Centralized End User Backup

HMS Information Technology

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Centralized End User Backup Using CrashPlan PROe

Want CrashPlan right now? View information on CrashPlan installation.

The Centralized End User Backup Service allows email eligible HMS or HSDM quad-based faculty and staff to backup the most critical data on their HMS computers.  The service utilizes a client software application called CrashPlan PROe (aka CrashPlan) on each computer.

Eligible individuals can obtain CrashPlan PROe licenses at no cost.

Any computer used by an HMS faculty or staff member to conduct University business, qualifies for this service.

What if I’m not HMS or HSDM Faculty or Staff?

If you are a Guest, Invited User or HMS/HSDM student working in an On-Quad research lab, you can request a CrashPlan account by submitting a CrashPlan Service Request form *.

The CrashPlan Committee will review the submission, and if approved will provide instructions for downloading, installing and configuring CrashPlan on your computer.

* eCommons Self-Registered Users- Self-Registered users do NOT qualify for this service. Please contact your organization's IT Department for backup offerings.

If you have any questions or concerns about eligibility, please email crashplan_support@hms.harvard.edu.

CrashPlan Benefits

CrashPlan offers "anytime, anywhere" backup capability. Ideally suited for those who use laptops and store their data locally rather than a departmental file server. CrashPlan will:

  • Backup continually over almost any network
  • Secure transmission and storage
  • Document recovery from any computer via a web browser

What does CrashPlan do?

CrashPlan will determine which files need to be backed up, compress those files, encrypted them and transmit them in an encrypted state to a storage server hosted by HMS IT.

CrashPlan backs up the contents of your user profile on your computer and stores it in an encrypted file on a centralized server located in the HMS Datacenter. CrashPlan will backup your computer from anywhere provided you have an active network connection, no VPN required. The backup will store your data for a minimum 60 days. In the event of a data loss, you can use the CrashPlan client software, or the web interface, to recover the missing files.

However, CrashPlan is not a:

  • bare metal backup. That is, you cannot use CrashPlan to completely restore your computer in event of a catastrophic failure.
  • long-term archiving solution. Please contact your department's Client Services Representative if you require data storage beyond 60 days time.

For work-related exceptions, please fill out a CrashPlan Pro File Type Exception Request Form.

How do I get CrashPlan?

Eligible users can install CrashPlan today by clicking HERE.

Where can I find more information about CrashPlanPROe?

Review CrashPlan Frequently Asked Questions on the HMS IT web site or visit the CrashPlan support web site.

Who do I contact for help with CrashPlan?

For additional assistance installing or using CrashPlan, please send email to: crashplan_support@hms.harvard.edu

* This link should open your default email application. If the link does not open a message window, please send email to crashplan_support@hms.harvard.edu with your eCommons ID, full name and department information.