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HMS Information Technology Emergency Communications

What Is GroupMe?

GroupMe is an SMS application that enables a group of individuals to communicate via text. Similar in functionality to a listserv, GroupMe sends text messages to all group members when any group member sends a message to the group.

GroupMe is free. More information about GroupMe can be found on the GroupMe web site.

Why is HMS Information Technology Using GroupMe?

GroupMe has been selected as communication vehicle for HMS IT because it is designed specifically for group communications. GroupMe is solely for emergency communications, so that HMS IT staff members and HMS/HSDM system administrators can stay in contact during a service outage that prevents email communications.

GroupMe Installation

GroupMe can be used on iPhones, Androids, Windows 7 phones, as well as on the web. Downloading the app to your smart phone/HMS IT phone is requested of IT staff and HMS system administrators, although you will receive texts regardless, if a group owner has added you to a list.

Install the GroupMe App on Your Phone

  1. Connect to GroupMe's App Download web page.
  2. Click Get the App and enter your cell phone to be sent the link for download. (Alternatively, navigate to your cell phone's app store and search for GroupMe.)
  3. Download or install the application and follow the instructions provided. You will be guided through the simple process.
  4. Open the GroupMe app to log in and receive text messages.

Using GroupMe

Group Invitations

Before you can participate in group texting, you must to reply to the initial invitation from the group creator. GroupMe will send multiple invitation, but after several times you will be dropped.

SMS or Push?

GroupMe has two modes, Push and SMS:

  • Push sends "in app" messages, using connections. Messages sent in app will not count against your data plan.
  • SMS sends standard text messages using your data carrier network.

More information about the difference can be found on GroupMe's support site.

For the purposes of emergency communications, Information Technology requests that SMS messaging be used.

Access GroupMe On Their Web Site

  1. Connect to GroupMe's Log In web page.
  2. Click the Don't have an account? link which will display the GroupMe registration page.
  3. Enter your name, which will be displayed in GroupMe to identify you and your phone number.
  4. Click Sign Up.

Keeping Your Cell Phone Number Up to Date

Once you've joined a group, the group creator will not be able to change your cell phone number. You'll need to keep your cell phone number updated to stay connected to the GroupMe list. To do so:

  1. Log into
  2. Under your profile name (upper right corner) choose Profile.
  3. Click Change your phone number.
  4. Type in your cell phone number.
  5. Click Change phone number.

Viewing Group Messages

  1. GroupMe messages will appear once you select the list name.
  2. On the web, click on the name of the GroupMe list to see list messages.
  3. On the mobile app, select the name of the GroupMe list to see the lists' messages.

Sending a Message to a Group

  1. Any GroupMe member can send a text message to the group for everyone to read. There is no group "moderation". All messages sent to the group will be seen by all members.
  2. Open the GroupMe application.
  3. Enter your email address and press Continue.
  4. Enter your password and press Log in.
  5. Choose to Sync your contacts with GroupMe (or not).
  6. Swipe to view your GroupMe groups.
  7. Press a group name to select it.
  8. Type in the text box at the bottom of the screen and press Send when done.

Responding to a GroupMe Message

Replying to a GroupMe message will send a text response to everyone in the GroupMe group.

Muting Messages

Going on vacation? Is the current group conversation not applicable to you? You can temporarily mute messages sent to your phone by following the steps below.

  1. Log into
  2. Click on a group name to select it.
  3. Under your profile name/avatar click on Notifications.
  4. Set "Alerts" to Off.
  5. You'll need to confirm the setting change. Click OK to do so.

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