Endpoint Services Program

HMS Information Technology

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Benefits of the HMS Endpoint Services Program

TechRefresh Installation

Installing the HMS Endpoint Services Software

The HMS Endpoint Services Program utilizes industry standard computer management software applications to manage computers supported by HMS and HSDM. These services are provided using:

  • LANDesk for Windows 7 and newer
  • Casper for Macintosh
  • Bit 9 for research instrument management and security

These applications offer technical tools to enhance the desktop computer support provided by HMS and HSDM.

Using these tools:

  • Computers can be made more secure by ensuring operating systems and applications are up to date.
  • New services and applications can be rapidly deployed.
  • Costs of support can be lowered by reducing downtime and better managing software licensing.
  • Productivity can be increased by ensuring that computers are performing optimally at all times.
  • Remote support can reduce response times to support calls and enable distance based support.
  • Computers attached to instruments can be secured and made more productive by ensuring they are always available for their intended purposes.

Additional information can be found by reviewing Frequently Asked Questions about the HMS Endpoint Services Program.

For important privacy information, please review the HMS Information Technology Privacy Statement and the Harvard University Information Security web site.

Benefits of the HMS Endpoint Services Program

Inventory and Asset Reporting

Asset reporting can be beneficial to department administrators who need to manage the financials of the computer fleet, lifecycle management, insurance liability, etc. This information can be provided quickly in customized reports on request.

Software Self Service Portal

The Software Self Service portal provides a mechanism for eligible HMS faculty and staff to self-install software applications that are licensed by HMS IT for the School.

Instructions on how to access the Software Self-Service portal.

Please Note: certain applications may require a Harvard 33-digit billing code prior to installation. In these cases, clients must contact their local Client Services Representative or the IT Service Desk to submit a request and provide a billing code prior to enabling the installation.

Application Deployment Service

This service allows the IT Service Desk or Client Services Representatives to deploy applications to your computer upon request.

HMS IT will NOT install applications without a request submitted by the primary computer operator, lab administrator, lab PI or department administrator. All requests must be associated with a STAT Service Request.

Patch Management Service

The patch management service provides an automated process by which HMS IT can ensure that your computer always has the right operating system and application patches appropriate to your needs. Patches are verified that they are secure and unmodified, and installed only when needed to address issues, and are not installed if known to cause compatibility issues with other products.

Remote Desktop Service

  • The Remote Desktop Service allows support staff to initiate a remote desktop connection to your computer to provide support or assist with installing software.
  • Remote Desktop sessions require a person to be at the remote computer and to accept the remote session before the session can begin. If a remote session is not accepted, it will terminate automatically.
  • Remote sessions are terminated as soon as either the host or remote computer disconnect, and cannot be reinitiated with out a person at the remote computer to accept the session.

System Imaging Service

The System Imaging Service will enable full “bare metal” imaging of new computers, computers being re-deployed or computers recently repaired. The System Imaging service allows a computer to be completely configured and put into service much quicker.

TechRefresh Installation

Endpoint Services Program software will be pre-installed on TechRefresh computers, so purchasers will realize the full benefit immediately. Additionally, all HMS Faculty, Staff and Postdocs with an HMS supported computer are eligible for the Endpoint Services Program.