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IACUC Training

Training Requirements for Animal Researchers

IACUC training modules can be accessed online at the AALAS Learning Library.

How to Register for the AALAS Learning Library:

  1. Navigate to the AALAS Learning Library Registration page HERE

  2. Enroll with the "Myself" option

  3. Enter access code: 45200HMAIACUC

  4. Create username and password.  If you a Harvard ID*, please use your Harvard ID for your account Username.

Once you have enrolled, complete the courses listed below. After completing a course, take the exam, and print out the completion certificate. You may want to keep a copy for your own records.

Please contact us with any questions.

* Note: your "Harvard ID" is the number on your ID card



Which Courses Do I Need to Take?

Required AALAS tracks for all personnel listed on an IACUC protocol:


  • "Working with the IACUC – non-VA version”
Required for all longwood researchers, except those using aquatics:
  • "Working with BL2-N Infectious Agents in Animals"
  • "Safe Use of Toxic or Hazardous Materials in Animals"
Required for aquatics users:

Select the appropriate training for your species:

  • Working with Laboratory Zebrafish
  • Working with the Laboratory Xenopus
  • Introduction to Amphibians
Recommended as appropriate: 
  • HCCM Cage-Based Rodent Records and Necessary Forms
  • Aquatic Animal Husbandry and Management



HCCM Training

For information on facility access, animal ordering, veterinary care, diagnostic pathology, infectious disease surveillance, quarantine, SOPs for surgical procedures, etc. please visit the Harvard Center for Comparative Medicine (HCCM, formerly ARCM) website.

For additional training contact HCCM: