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All new protocols and three-year renewals must be submitted using our new e-IACUC system. For more information, click here.

If your protocol is in the eIACUC system and you need to make any of the following changes your animal protocol, they must be submitted through the eIACUC system. Consult the e-IACUC Investigator Guide for instructions.

All other protocol & amendment submissions must be in MS Word using one of the forms provided below. Submissions on older forms will be rejected. We are unable to accept PDF documents or hard copies at this time, as these cannot be reviewed electronically. In the absence of an electronic signature, please scan and email the signature pages to .

Getting Started

Personnel Training Form

Use this form to keep track of required training for the personnel in your laboratory.

Infectious Agents – Register with the Committee on Microbiological Safety (COMS) before using biological agents and/or transgenic animals. Contact your institutional biosafety officer for more information.

IACUC Training - Training modules can be accessed online at Please contact the OOTI for login information and course requirements. 617-432-3192 or
For additional training contact HCCM:


Amendment Form
This form must be submitted before any changes to the approved protocol may be implemented.

In addition, complete the appropriate section for all new procedures requested via this amendment. If new species are requested via section 4, complete each section for the procedures these animals will undergo.

New Grant Form
Use this form when appending a funding source to an approved protocol (this includes Fellowships).

Ceded Review Request Form

Training Grant Ceded Review Request Form

Use the appropriate form above whenever your federally-funded grants or training grants awarded to HMS/HSPH/HSDM are associated with IACUC protocols from institutions other than HMS.

New Personnel Form
Use this form to add new personnel to your protocol.

Continuing Review

Annual Review Form
Regulations governing the use of laboratory animals mandate that the HMA IACUC must review and approve animal protocols involving USDA-covered species at least annually. If you are working with a USDA species, this form must be submitted each year for animal work to continue.

Adverse Event Form
This form should be completed as a means of notifying the IACUC of an unforeseen event that negatively impacts the welfare of research animal(s), involving pain, distress, and/or death of the animal(s).


External Rodent Transfer Form
Use this form when transferring rodents to a different PI/institution.

Protocol Transfer Letter (Sample)
A letter must be submitted to the IACUC to transfer an existing protocol to another PI.

End of Project

Protocol Closure Form
Use this form if you are CLOSING an active protocol (e.g. leaving the Institution).

Custom Antibodies

Custom Antibodies request form

Custom Antibodies assurance agreement



Dual Protocol Assignment Request Form

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)