What is the Research Core?

The Research Core is a group of epidemiologists, biostatisticians and programmers who work with the Global Health Delivery Partnership faculty and staff to develop our mission to link research to the teaching and service activities of the Partnership. Based at the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at the Harvard Medical School, it provides support for a range of research activities including study design, development of research tools and databases, study protocols, IRB input, grant writing, teaching and training, data analysis, development of methods, and research dissemination through publication of scholarly articles. Members of the Core collaborate with both Boston and field-based faculty and staff. Core members include epidemiologists, Molly Franke, Ann Miller and Megan Murray, biostatistician, Bethany Hedt-Gauthier, programmers Zibiao Zhang and Sidney Atwood, qualitative and mixed methods researcher Katrina Nelson, research assistant Kevin Savage, research associate Julia Coit and administrator, Caroline McCallum.

What kinds of projects does the Core work on?

To date, we have assisted faculty and staff on projects that span 6 countries and range from sample size calculations for grants to the design and development of a vaccine trial in Haiti. We have helped complete analyses and draft manuscripts for studies that have long been in the making, for example, reporting on the outcomes of HIV care in Rwanda as well as helped kick start new projects like the evaluation of HPV screening in Rwanda, the assessment of HIV care in Papua New Guinea and the measurement of under 5 mortality in Mali. We are particularly interested in developing methods that can be used to address some of the most important questions we are asking across multiple sites, including how to evaluate the impact of our community health programs and how to measure the impact of our socio-economic inputs.