When you establish a charitable gift annuity to benefit HMS, your gift will provide you and/or a loved one with a fixed income for life while supporting our mission to improve health and well-being for all.

Income rates are based on your age or the age of your beneficiary at the time payments commence. Current gift annuity rates are 4.9% for donors age 60, 6% for donors age 70, and 7.7% for donors age 80.

Complete the form below to calculate your income for life and tax benefits or contact our gift planning team at 800-922-1782 or email giftplanning@hms.harvard.edu for a personal gift illustration.

Before you start, please note the following:

  • Deferred gift annuities, which provide income payments at a later date, are also available. Please contact us for a personalized illustration.
  • The minimum amount necessary to create a gift annuity at Harvard is $25,000. If you are an existing CGA donor interested in establishing an additional gift, please contact us for more information.
  • Rates for New York residents may vary due to state requirements. Please contact us for more information.