About Financial Aid at HMS

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The objective of the HMS financial aid program is to assist eligible students and their families in managing a financial plan for obtaining the Harvard medical degree. Financial need, as determined by a national need analysis formula, is the only consideration in determining how much total aid an individual receives; a student's financial aid package is then constructed using the funds available at the time the application is completed. For the 2017-2018 award year, HMS students wishing to be considered for HMS scholarships and low-interest institutional loans are required to file the HMS Application for Financial Aid, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the CSS Profile, along with copies of parent 2015 federal tax returns.

Each student applicant is assigned by alphabetical designation to a Financial Aid Officer. Although many students become acquainted with their Officers during the application process prior to entering HMS, the first required meeting between incoming students and Officers takes place during early fall when loan recipients have an entrance loan counseling interview. Entrance counseling is the first module in HMS's debt management/personal finance program. Loan counseling/financial literacy presentations are held for second and third year students; and in the fourth year a financial planning seminar is held as well as individually scheduled exit loan interviews prior to graduation. Throughout each year, students remain in contact with the Financial Aid Office staff to work out the details of their financial aid processing.

The Financial Aid Office maintains a small library of outside scholarship directories and a bulletin board listing of part-time employment opportunities. The Office also prepares a number of materials which describe the financial aid programs, policies and procedures. Students and applicants are welcome to stop by the office on the second floor of Gordon Hall to have any general questions answered.

Click on the links below for an introduction to our programs. More detailed information is available in the HMS Financial Aid Guidebook.