Financial Aid at Harvard Medical School

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The goal of the HMS financial aid program is to help students find the resources necessary to attend HMS. In academic year 2016-17, the HMS Financial Aid Office has administered over $37 million in loans, employment, and scholarship funding from various federal, private, and school sources to approximately 80 percent of the HMS student body.

Application for financial assistance is completely separate from the application for admission. In evaluating applicants for admission, the Committee on Admissions maintains a strict policy of selecting candidates without regard to their ability to pay for medical school. Candidates selected for admission or the wait list are invited to apply for financial assistance and will be sent the necessary forms.

The Financial Aid Office awards financial assistance solely on the basis of financial need and availability of funds; there are no merit-based scholarship awards.

The decision to attend a high-cost private medical school should involve the entire family. Individual students (and spouses, if married) and their parents have the primary responsibility for financing the cost of a medical education at Harvard. Our financial aid program strives to help students meet a shortfall of funds after the student and his/her family have made the maximum financial effort.

Middle-Income Financial Aid

Harvard Medical School is pleased to announce the continuance of the Middle-Income Financial Aid Initiative!

HMS remains committed to taking steps to reduce the cost of a four-year medical education. The Middle Income Initiative adjusts the parental contribution expected for HMS families with the greatest financial need. In addition, this initiative eliminates from the family income calculation typical before-tax retirement savings.For more information, please see Consideration of Parent Contribution.

Impact of

Financial Aid

Watch this video featuring alumni and students sharing how financial aid impacted their ability to come to HMS and make a difference in people’s lives.




Sean Fletcher

The legacy of Lewis Hayden, who devoted himself to abolitionism and government after escaping slavery, is upheld at HMS through the above-and-beyond ethos of students such as scholarship winner Sean Fletcher.


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