FAQs for Activity Planners

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FAQs for Activity Planners

What is the first step in creating a new course?

The Course Director and  Course Administrator must meet with Ajay Singh, MBBS, MBA, FRCP (UK), Associate Dean for Global and Continuing Education; Mary Lou Townsend, M.Ed., Executive Director and Danna Muir, MBA Director, Educational Development & Accreditation.

The Activity Proposal and Agenda must be submitted to HMS DCE, along with the NID form and Financial Disclosure forms from all course directors and planners.

Who will be my contact person at DCE?

Maria Scerri, Accreditation Coordinator, at ceproposal@hms.harvard.edu will be your initial contact at DCE. She will provide you with an Activity Proposal template, other required documents, and will answer your initial questions about your course.

After the initial meeting with Dr. Singh, Ms. Townsend and Ms. Muir, the Course Director or representative of the course will present the course to our Committee on Proposal Review.

Once your course has been approved, you will be assigned a DCE Coordinator, who will assist Course Directors and Course Administrators with course implementation, processing registration data, and providing up-to-date information for the course.

How long does the Proposal Review Process for new courses typically take?

The entire process usually requires four to six weeks, as new proposals must be presented to the HMS DCE Committee on Proposal Review and be reviewed by a CME Reviewer and at least one Medical Reviewer. 

What is the Proposal Review Process for a renewal?

See our Proposal Process page for detailed information about course renewals.

What are the Proposal Submission Dates?

Please email Maria Scerri, Accreditation Coordinator at ceproposal@hms.harvard.edu for Proposal Submission Dates.

What if I have question about filling out the Completing the Disclosure and Resolution of Conflicts of Interest Form for CME Activities?

For instructions for completing the form, click here. For answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the form, click here. If you still have questions, please contact us.

What is a Conflict of Interest?

Conflicts of Interest (COIs) are identified by reviewing this information to determine whether the disclosed financial relationship is related to the content of the proposed CME activity. HMS DCE has established mechanisms to manage and resolve all conflicts of interest for individuals involved with the planning and implementation of certified CME activities. HMS DCE will work with the Course Director to implement these mechanisms to identify and resolve all conflicts of interest before the CME activity occurs. For additional information, see the Frequently Asked Questions for Disclosure and Resolution of Conflicts of Interest for CME Activities.

When is the Disclosure and Resolution of Conflict of Interest Form due?

The form should be submitted with the Activity Proposal so that DCE staff can review it and implement any required edits before the syllabus is printed.

What is a Syllabus Disclosure Statement?

A Syllabus Disclosure Statement should list any commercial relationships relevant to your course or talk.

How will the Syllabus Disclosure Statement be provided to learners if a printed syllabus will not be provided?

In cases where a printed syllabus will not be provided, please provide the Syllabus Disclosure Statement to participants as a handout.

What if I want to seek Commercial Support?

If you are seeking any form of commercial support for your course, per ACCME requirements, DCE must be made aware of this through communication with Vanessa Jacobson, Contracts and Finance Specialist at cmecommercialsupport@hms.harvard.edu. DCE must review and sign all Letters of Agreement for commercial support at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the CME activity.

Can I work with Planners and/or Faculty Employed by Commercial Interests?

The ACCME allows employees of commercial interests to serve as planners or speakers in accredited CME activities only if the content of CME that the employee controls does not relate to the business lines and products of the employer. If you plan to invite an industry employee to participate in planning or speaking at your course, please contact Ms. Danna Muir, MBA, Director, Educational Development & Accreditation at Danna_Muir@hms.harvard.edu prior to extending the invitation.

What are the HMS DCE policies regarding Identification and Resolution of COI, Content Validation, Honoraria, Meals and Social Events and Cancellation and Notification for Live Courses?

Please refer to our Policies and Procedures.