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Cancer Program | Workshops

Attendance at three in-person workshops at the program’s beginning, mid-point and conclusion:

Dates and locations to be determined. 


- Distance learning curriculum

- Cancer Biology as a Basis for Understanding Pathogenesis
- Module 1 Core Lectures: Recorded Online Lectures
- Recorded online lectures (ROLs) on Cancer Biology and Cancer Therapeutics
- Webinars: Case Based Discussion integrating bench aspects of cancer biology with clinical care and treatment


Theme: Therapy and Lung Cancer Module
• Provocative Questions: Review of best questions
• Drug development overview
• Clinical Trials: Phase I, II, and III
• Standard therapies: Surgery, radiation, and cytotoxics
• CML to Gleevac: A perfect storm
• Small Molecule Discovery
• Biologics
• Multiple Myeloma (Velcade)
• Resistance
• Combination therapies
• New therapeutic strategies (Antibody/Drug Conjugates; siRNA; microbiota, other cutting edge ideas)
• New Methods for Therapeutic Delivery
• Lung Cancer
• Tobacco
• Ras and TKR/ras pathway signaling
• Oncogenic drivers (EGFR, ALK, ROS1, others) and personalized cancer care
• Resistance to targeted therapies, and impact on therapeutic strategies
• EGFRm Adenocarcinoma – 3rd generation T790M inhibitors, combos
• ALK and ROS1 – multiple next generation inhibitors, combos
• Reshaping Clinical Trials

Distance learning curriculum

- Translational cancer therapeutics – Principles and Practical approaches
- Module 2 Core lectures: Recorded online lectures (ROLs) on cancer screening and diagnosis and  cancer
- Webinars: Case Based Discussion on diagnosis and treatment focusing on current and novel agents


Theme: The Bright Light of Cancer Immunobiology and Immunotherapy
• Cancer Immunology
• Immune Checkpoint Therapy
• CAR T-Cell Therapies
• Adoptive Cell Therapy (Melanoma)
• Neoantigens in cancer immunotherapy
• Inflammation and Cancer
• Gaps & Global Issues
• Cancer Cases

- Cancer Diagnostics and Personalized Care    
- Graduation