Academic and Attendance Requirements

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Cancer Program | Academic and Attendance Requirements

To obtain a "Certificate of Completion," all Cancer program students must fulfill the program’s academic and attendance requirements.


Cancer Program Foundation Curriculum

The Cancer program is designed to provide participants with deep knowledge of the cancer biology that shapes modern preventive and therapeutic approaches.  Students are required to complete all lecture quizzes, attend webinars, and participate in team activities, including team presentations. Students receive a “pass” by participating in all components of the foundation courses.

Submission of Quizzes

Quizzes will be given after each Recorded Online Lecture. Students must obtain at least 70% overall quiz score to “pass”.

Submission of Team Assignments

Students will work in teams for both workshop and longitudinal assignments. Assessment will be based upon final team presentations (10 minutes of PowerPoint presentations, 5 minutes Q&A) graded on both presentation and content by faculty panelists.

Submission of the Special Project(s)

The program requires Special Project(s) to be submitted by the appointed deadline and a "pass" obtained.


Attendance at Workshops

Attendance at the program's workshops is a requirement. If a student cannot attend a workshop, a petition must be submitted to the CBT Education Committee for review and approval.

Attendance of Webinars and Team Presentations

The program requires students to attend scheduled live webinars. However, if a student cannot attend the live webinar due to occasional scheduling conflicts, it is possible to review the recording of the webinar. Students are expected to view a minimum of 75% of the live or recorded webinars. All team members are expected to be present during team presentations for the team assignments.