The Room Scheduling Department is responsible for scheduling most HMS South Quad common spaces, including amphitheaters, classrooms, conference rooms, labs, the Quad, and other special event locations. The Department is responsible for scheduling over 120 rooms located within 7 Quad buildings; however the majority of these rooms are located within the TMEC. The Department is charged with appropriately and efficiently allocating space in order to meet the competing demands of the Educational, Research, and Administrative programs of the school.

Approximately 30,000 events are booked annually through the Room Scheduling Department. Of this total, the HMS Educational Program comprises approximately 80%. Due to this high volume and more importantly, the complexity of course schedules, HMS courses are given priority over administrative activities in all quad-based space used primarily for teaching activities. Course scheduling is preformed three times per year, in the summer for Fall Courses, in November for January Courses and in December for Spring/Summer Courses.

Requests for space are submitted directly to the Room Scheduling Department from a client base comprised of Faculty, Staff, Students and Affiliates. Requests are sent primarily via the room scheduler but can also be sent via email and by calling 617-432-2020. Confirmations are sent directly to clients via email.

Conference Center

If you are interested in booking a room or scheduling an event at the Joseph B. Martin Center, please visit their website at