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Aerial view of the Harvard Medical School Quad

Our department supports the Harvard Medical School mission by providing reliable utility supply and effective, responsive, sustainable campus infrastructure       maintenance and operations.

For Immediate Needs 

Dial 617-43(2-1901)
Our 24/7 Call Center is operated by JLL.

Track Work Order Status

For Non Emergencies

Email facilitiescallcenter@hms.harvard.edu
Maintenance and Operations Services are provided primarily through JLL. Specialties are often addressed by other appropriate contractors. 

HMS Facilities Twitter


Building Managers

Roman Dolgopolov
HIM, Landmark, NRB, Vanderbilt

Jerome MacDonald
158 Longwood, 160-164 Longwood, 180 Longwood, 641 Huntington, C Building, Countway Library, Gordon Hall, HSDM - Main, HSDM - REB, LHRRBSeeley MuddTMECVanderbilt, Warren Alpert