Room Scheduling and Conference Center

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Who can book rooms?

  • Rooms are booked primarily by HMS Staff, Students and Faculty.

What is the cost to book rooms?

  • There are no room rental charges for events sponsored by HMS departments.

What is the easiest way to request a room?

  • eCommons Room Request Form

How can I be sure I used the eCommons Room Request Form correctly?

  • Upon submitting the request, you will receive an email.

I received an email that said my request was “pending”. What does this mean?

  • This means that your room cannot be booked because the space is on hold pending the course schedule.

Who is the preferred caterer?

  • Restaurant Associates

I’m looking to book a space for a day long large conference, what is my best option?

  • The Conference Center at Harvard Medical School is best suited for this. Room Scheduling books the spaces most often used for teaching purposes.