Lived Curriculum

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Lived Curriculum

Co Chairs:
Jason Fogler, PhD
Arabella Simpkin, MD 


Spring 2018
Monday, February 12th 4-5:00PM TMEC 304 - RSVP
Monday, April 2nd 4-5:00PM TMEC 304 - RSVP
Monday, June 4th 4-5:00PM TMEC 304 - RSVP 

Minutes and Agenda

The Hidden Curriculum Interest Group explores the various ways in which the culture of our learning environments supports or hinders the professional development of our students. We are particularly interested in disparities between what we at HMS say we do and what we actually do. There are five areas of focus with dedicated subcommittees:

1. Assessment of hidden curriculum/Developing metrics
2.Self-awareness and self-reflection 
3.Hidden Curriculum and patient safety 
4.Medical student mistreatment/respectful environments 
5. Organized culture change with a focus on the changes strategies of Appreciative inquiry and Public narrative 

The Academy Hidden Curriculum Interest group met four times over the course of the most recent academic year. In addition, the group planned and led a symposium dedicated to the topic of culture change in academic medicine.  The symposium, featuring Ed Hundert, Jo Shapiro and Gary Gottllieb as speakers, was well-attended and stimulated inter-institutional conversation about optimizing the learning culture at Harvard Medical School and .Through discussion and participant feedback, the symposium identified several key areas ripe for exploration, including: enhancing interprofessional learning (and inclusivity in general); following the Academy’s lead in promoting the value of educators; modeling transparency and accountability; breaking down silos between departments, across hospitals, and between hospitals and the medical school, and creating a unified identity of health care professionals at HMS; enhancing flexible career paths; adopting routine practices that emphasize an intentional commitment to education such as “focusing on face time with patients and learners instead of computers,” and shifting the “I culture” of competition to a “we culture” of collaboration. 
Another major activity of the interest group was exploration of potential interactions between the new curriculum reform in progress at HMS and the hidden curriculum.  Over several sessions and ongoing discussion, the interest group is considering ways to harness the new curriculum to reinforce principles of reflective practice, that emphasize positive aspects of the hidden curriculum and mitigate negative ones.
Lastly, the members enjoy sharing with one another their own scholarship and activities relevant to the hidden curriculum, as well as humanism and professionalism education more broadly.  Interest group meetings often include discussion of members’ individual work, providing opportunities for synergy and collaboration.

Agendas and Minutes:

Meeting 2/12/2018: Agenda

Meeting 12/6/2017: Agenda

Meeting 10/11/2017: Agenda

Meeting 04/19/2017: Agenda

Meeting 03/01/2017: Agenda 

Meeting 02/10/2017: Agenda 

Meeting 11/30/2015: Agenda



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