Communication, Compassion and Empathy

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Communication, Compassion, and Empathy

Amy Sullivan Ed.D
Kristen Schaefer M.D.

Goals and Achievements
Meeting Minutes and Agenda 


Goals and Achievements:

Goals :

  • Workshop planned for Spring 2016 on Co-Creating Learning Agreements with students, residents, and other learners. Dates to be announced. This workshop will lead faculty through an exercise to identify the values, expectations, and needs of faculty and learners in a range of settings, including classroom, small groups, clinical teaching during rounds or at bedside. The purpose is to create a set of shared values and practices to enhance faculty-learner communication and to build a culture of care and mutual respect in the training environment.  
  • Seminar on Communication, Compassion, and Empathy is being developed and is planned for Spring 2017. We will update this as plans develop.

Achievement (s) :

  • Our group developed two learning guides that have been used successfully with students and faculty in the new curriculum. We will continue to develop these materials for dissemination in other settings and for new students in coming years. See documents here

Meeting Minutes and Agenda:

03/08/2017 Meeting: Agenda 

02/08/2017 Meeting: Agenda 

04/28/2016 Meeting: Agenda 

02/24/2016 Meeting: Agenda and Minutes 

11/18/2015 Meeting:  
Article 1

10/15/2015 Meeting: Agenda 

09/16/2015 Meeting: Agenda
Article 1 
Article 2

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