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Academy Insights

HMS Academy Insights, the Academy's monthly published web-based e-newsletter, promotes and enhances faculty development of a large medical educator community across HMS and its affiliated hospitals. Through publication of the Academy Insights, we link medical educators across institutions, foster collaboration and build community, recognize our members' achievements and highlight academic scholarship in the field of medical education. Academy Insights provides direct links to useful educational resources including journal articles, books, apps, websites, presentations, and other teaching tools

Academy Insights: Vol. 7, No. 7

Clerkships are seeing double!   
Barbara Cockrill, MD

Dental students Ingrid Carvo and Daniel Brein work on a patient at the Teaching Practices of the Harvard Dental Center.  They are observed by Drs. Inyang Isong and Armando Pardo

In September 2016, HMS Pathways second year students joined third year students in the Principle Clinical Experience (PCE). In the Pathways curriculum, which launched in August 2015,  students start their clerkships in the second year of medical school instead of the third year. Due to this transition, for one year HMS clerkships will have an overlap of students at two different levels of training. Despite the challenges, HMS students are managing this well. Second year students are gaining from their third year colleagues' clinical experience, and third years are benefiting from the second year students' experiences in the innovative pedagogy of the Pathways curriculum. "The third years have been terrific mentors, while the second years have provided a wonderful injection of enthusiasm," says Alberto Puig, PCE Director at the MGH.

In August 2015, HMS adopted a new pedagogy and launched the Pathways curriculum. The current second years are the first students to participate the HMS Pathways curriculum anf the new HMS Clinical Assessment system. Students in Pathways have learned in a new way with an emphasis on active learning and a flipped classroom approach. The HMS Academy is organizing a number of faculty development sessions aimed at all faculty who teach our students to help develop new teaching skills and understand the new learner. The first genera; session will take place on Tuesday November 22nd 8-11 AM at HMS. Please watch for an email announcement and RSVP in the next week.  

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