• Will You Protect Me? 
    In this commentary, Joshua Budhu, HMS clinical fellow in neurology, calls for support from U.S. leaders, general public

  • HMS Experts to Advise Baker 
    The Boston Herald
    HMS medical, infectious disease experts named to state advisory board

  • What Cancer Taught Me 
    HMS associate professor of psychiatry Nancy Rappaport offers thoughts on coping with the pandemic

  • Don’t Halt Social Distancing 
    The Atlantic
    Ashish Jha, professor of global health at Harvard University, co-authors commentary on the two critical things the U.S. must do to win against COVID-19

  • Where the Sick Will Go 
    David Levine, HMS clinician-investigator at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, on where patients may go if hospitals run out of room

  • The Need for Paid Sick Leave 
    The Hill
    In this opinion piece, Jason Silverstein, HMS lecturer on global health and social medicine, says paid sick leave should be extended to elderly, other vulnerable populations to slow spread of COVID-19

  • The Toughest Triage 
    New England Journal of Medicine
    HMS Dean George Q. Daley and two top bioethics experts on the difficult choices ahead for U.S. physicians

  • Managing Your Anxiety 
    Mental Floss
    David Rosmarin, HMS assistant professor of psychology, provides tips on how to cope with uncertainty, stay balanced

  • Protecting Health Care Workers 
    The New Yorker
    Atul Gawande, professor in health policy and management at the Harvard Chan School, on what we can learn from other countries

  • Talking to Kids About Coronavirus 
    Gene Beresin, HMS professor of psychiatry, on the right approach

  • Two Anticoronavirus Trials Launched 
    Boston Globe
    Elizabeth Hohmann, HMS assistant professor of medicine, is principal investigator in a Mass General trial

  • Research on Hold 
    Harvard Gazette
    Harvard labs ramp down for safety, donate protective gear

  • Sick Staff Fueled Seattle Outbreak 
    Associated Press
    David Grabowski, HMS professor of health care policy, on the outbreak

  • Getting Ahead of the Virus 
    New York Times
    Harvard President Larry Bacow on how the nation should follow the lead of top universities in responding to COVID-19

  • A Call to Duty 
    Boston Globe
    Boston scientific leaders outline plan for clinicians and scientists from academic medical centers, biotech, pharma and government to join forces to develop tools, treatments and vaccines

  • How Prepared Are Hospitals? 
    HMS Professor of Medicine Ashish Jha, talks about hospitals' ability to respond to COVID-19

  • Screening for Coronavirus 
    Isaac Kohane, head of the HMS Department of Biomedical Informatics, on a new online symptom-checking tool

  • Urgent Efforts to Develop Vaccine 
    ​Boston Globe
    Dan Barouch, HMS professor of immunology, on work in Boston to develop a potential COVID-19 vaccine

  • Social Distancing Is Key 
    ABC News
    Neha Chaudhary, HMS instructor in psychiatry, on measures taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus

  • A New Front
    The Harvard Gazette
    HMS Dean George Daley on the collaboration joining Boston’s biomedical community and researchers in China

  • Designing a Vaccine
    HMS News
    As the number of novel coronavirus infections rises daily across the globe, strategies for developing a safe and effective vaccine are rapidly moving forward

  • ‘Worry about 4 weeks from now’
    The Harvard Gazette
    Harvard epidemiologist Marc Lipsitch urges public to ramp up social distancing

  • Fighting COVID-19
    Harvard Magazine
    HMS and Harvard Chan School experts on studying the virus, dealing with epidemics and vaccine development

  • Safeguarding the Elderly 
    Harvard Gazette
    HMS Assistant Professor Helen Chew on steps to safeguard elderly patients

  • How Vulnerable Is Average Person?
    HMS instructor and ER physician Jeremy Faust on reassuring the well and helping those who are most vulnerable

  • Controlling the Spread
    Abraar Karan, HMS internal medicine physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, on preventing outbreaks in emergency rooms

  • Caring for Mental Health
    McLean Hospital

    HMS experts at McLean Hospital share ways to stay mentally balanced and safe.

  • Assessing the global response
    Paul Farmer, Kolokotrones University Professor of Global Health and Social Medicine, is quoted on how we should be responding to the pandemic
    The Atlantic

  • Medical Ethics of the Coronavirus Crisis
    Christine Mitchell of the Center for Bioethics at HMS discusses the ethical issues raised by a pandemic.
    New Yorker