• Test the Deceased 
    The Seattle Times
    Adam Tapley, HMS clinical fellow in medicine, on how the U.S. needs to test the deceased for COVID-19 if their infection status is unknown

  • Far from Herd Immunity 
    The New York Times
    Harvard epidemiologist Michael Mina on how many people still remain vulnerable to SARS-CoV-2

  • Can Vitamin D Help Prevent Infection? 
    JoAnn Manson, the HMS Michael and Lee Bell Professor of Women’s Health, on whether the vitamin helps reduce risk of COVID-19

  • How Sleep Has Changed in the Pandemic 
    The Wall Street Journal
    Deirdre Leigh Barrett, assistant professor of psychology, on insomnia, late bedtimes and weird dreams

  • Delirium Factories 
    Sharon K. Inouye, HMS professor of medicine, on COVID-19 and brain injury

  • Protect and Defend 
    Harvard Medicine News
    A pair of studies illuminate vaccine promise, immune protection against repeat coronavirus infections

  • Wastewater Testing Gains Traction 
    Megan Murray, the Ronda Stryker and William Johnston Professor of Global Health, on testing wastewater for the novel coronavirus’ genetic signature

  • U.S. Tops 100,000 Deaths 
    Jeremy Faust, HMS instructor in emergency medicine, on the grim milestone just passed

  • Uneven Field 
    Candace Feldman, HMS assistant professor of medicine, on how COVID-19 data highlight racial, socioeconomic disparities

  • When a Vaccine Could Be Ready 
    Jonathan Abraham, HMS assistant professor of microbiology, and Bruce Walker, the Phillip T. and Susan M. Ragon Professor of Medicine, on what could go wrong

  • CDC Mistakes on Testing 
    The Atlantic
    Ashish Jha, HMS professor of medicine, and William Hanage, associate professor of epidemiology, on how conflating two different kinds of tests is distorting the picture of the pandemic

  • When Can I See My Grandkids? 
    New York Times
    Three HMS scientists on when and how to safely resume visits between the oldest and youngest

  • Regimen for Reentry 
    The New Yorker
    Atul Gawande, the Samuel O. Thier Professor of Surgery, part-time, at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, on what health care workers can teach us about the safest way to lift a lockdown

  • Quarantine Fatigue Is Real 
    The Atlantic
    Julia Marcus, HMS assistant professor of population medicine, on how to have a life in a pandemic

  • Consortium Tests Thousands of Drugs 
    Mark Namchuk, HMS Director of Therapeutics Translation, on using artificial intelligence to select molecules for testing

  • Contract Tracing Ramps Up 
    Ingrid Katz, HMS assistant professor of medicine, on the importance of responding to COVID-19 with traditional health strategies

  • The Limits of Antibody Tests 
    Michael Mina, assistant professor of epidemiology at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and David Walt, the Hansjörg Wyss Professor of Biologically Inspired Engineering, Professor of Pathology, among others, on the accuracy of antibody testing

  • Profits, Pride at Stake 
    New York Times
    HMS Dean George Q. Daley on the intensifying race for a COVID-19 vaccine

  • Discovering New Ways Coronavirus Attacks 
    The Washington Post
    Mandeep Mehra and Deepak Bhatt, HMS professors of medicine, on reassessments of COVID-19 and its treatment

  • Loneliness Epidemic Worsens 
    Rudolph Tanzi, the Joseph P. and Rose F. Kennedy Professor of Child Neurology and Mental Retardation, on the impact of isolation-related stress on the body

  • Ventilators and COVID-19 
    USA Today
    HMS instructor in medicine Jehan Alladina on a study analyzing the use of ventilators for patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome

  • In the Trenches 
    Harvard Gazette
    3 Harvard alumni detail life in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Dealing with COVID-19 in Nursing Homes 
    Richard Frank, the HMS Margaret T. Morris Professor of Health Care Policy,
    and David Grabowski, HMS professor of health care policy, on how to stop the unfolding tragedy

  • On the Frontlines of Antibody Testing 
    Boston Globe
    HMS researchers and physicians Galit Alter, Michael Mina, Bruce Walker and David Walt on tests that will determine virus spread and future immunity

  • Coronavirus Triage
    HMS students Bruce Tiu and Shivani Shah and Marya Cohen, HMS assistant professor of medicine, on work triaging patients in hard-hit Chelsea, Mass.

  • The Race to Make Vaccines 
    Dan Barouch, HMS professor of immunology, on how new technologies are being pushed to the limit

  • What We’ve Learned 
    USA Today
    It’s been three months since the first case of COVID-19 in the U.S.

  • Mapping Spread with Social Data? 
    Maimuna Majumder, HMS computational epidemiologist, on COVID-19 data gathering efforts

  • Can Virtual Therapy Help? 
    New Scientist
    John Torous, HMS instructor in psychiatry, on the virtues of getting help from home

  • Results of SeroSurveys 
    Michael Mina, HMS assistant professor of epidemiology, and others, on results from the first studies to determine how widely COVID-19 has spread in communities

  • Army of Tracers 
    New York Times
    Massachusetts is taking the lead in tracking down people who've been exposed to the coronavirus

  • Tracking App and Hotspots 
    US News & World Report
    Andrew Chan, HMS professor of medicine, on an app that may help address COVID-19 testing shortfalls

  • Sober Under Lockdown 
    John Kelly, HMS professor of psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital, on the challenges of addiction recovery during the pandemic

  • A Symbolic Boost to Researchers
    The Boston Globe
    Lawrence and Adele Bacow Donate Blood for COVID-19 Research

  • In the Forefront 
    HMS epidemiologist Megan Murray is profiled, highlighting her work on infectious disease

  • Equity in the Defense 
    Scientific American
    Nancy Oriol, HMS faculty associate dean for community engagement in medical education, on the role of mobile health clinics during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Two-for-One Deal 
    HMS medical student Natalie Guo on the movement to aid both health care and restaurant workers

  • Someone Near You 
    John Brownstein, HMS professor of biomedical informatics, describes a new website that allows users to self-report COVID-19 symptoms

  • Survivor’s Guilt 
    ABC News
    Neha Chaudhary, HMS instructor in psychiatry, explains how COVID-19 survivors may be left with feelings of trauma

  • An Old Remedy? 
    Philadelphia Tribune
    Denise Faustman, HMS associate professor of medicine, on how a vaccine developed to prevent tuberculosis is under study around the world for COVID-19

  • The Other Shoe 
    The Boston Globe
    Ali Raja, HMS associate professor of emergency medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, provides a firsthand account of his experience treating COVID-19 patients

  • Surviving COVID-19 
    Harvard Gazette
    In preliminary findings, Harvard scientists, led by HMS associate professor Sandeep Datta, found that certain cells in the nose express genes that facilitate COVID-19 infection

  • The Second, Hidden Pandemic 
    The Washington Post
    HMS Assistant Professor of Medicine Michael L. Barnett offers this opinion piece on the possible harms to the health of Americans in the wake of this wave of COVID-19

  • Just the Beginning 
    Sharon Inouye, HMS professor of medicine at Hebrew SeniorLife, on the potential long-term health ramifications for patients who have recovered from COVID-19

  • Losing Health Insurance 
    HMS lecturers Stephanie Woolhandler and David Himmelstein on a new study based on unemployment claims estimating that 1.5 million Americans have lost health insurance coverage

  • Ending the Pandemic 
    Harvard Medicine News
    To stem the coronavirus crisis, HMS scientists are forging ahead on six key fronts

  • Who Should Doctors Save? 
    Robert Truog, HMS professor of legal medicine and anaesthesia, on health care rationing during the pandemic

  • On the Front Lines 
    The Boston Globe
    Physicians at Massachusetts General Hospital provide insight into the work of caring for COVID-19 patients

  • Families Under Stress 
    Jacqueline Sperling, HMS instructor in psychiatry at McLean Hospital, on the effect of stay-at-home orders on U.S. families

  • $1B Committed to Development of Virus Vaccine 
    The Boston Globe
    More than $1 billion has been committed to the development of a potential coronavirus vaccine at HMS affiliate Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

  • Loss of Smell and COVID-19 
    The Harvard Crimson
    In preliminary findings, Harvard scientists, led by HMS associate professor Sandeep Datta, found that certain cells in the nose express genes that facilitate COVID-19 infection

  • Ethics of the Coronavirus 
    The Boston Globe
    In this opinion piece, HMS Dean George Q. Daley and members of the HMS Center for Bioethics write about heart-wrenching lessons learned from China, Italy regarding treatment choices

  • What’s Happening Inside? 
    The New Yorker
    HMS alumnus and oncologist Siddhartha Mukherjee on the need to better understand COVID-19 virus behavior inside patients

  • The Realities of Super-Spreading 
    The Boston Globe
    Megan Murray, HMS Ronda Stryker and William Johnston Professor of Global Health, on the speed, rates of infection

  • Will You Protect Me? 
    In this commentary, Joshua Budhu, HMS clinical fellow in neurology, calls for support from U.S. leaders, general public

  • HMS Experts to Advise Baker 
    The Boston Herald
    HMS medical, infectious disease experts named to state advisory board

  • What Cancer Taught Me 
    HMS associate professor of psychiatry Nancy Rappaport offers thoughts on coping with the pandemic

  • Don’t Halt Social Distancing 
    The Atlantic
    Ashish Jha, professor of global health at Harvard University, co-authors commentary on the two critical things the U.S. must do to win against COVID-19

  • Where the Sick Will Go 
    David Levine, HMS clinician-investigator at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, on where patients may go if hospitals run out of room

  • The Need for Paid Sick Leave 
    The Hill
    In this opinion piece, Jason Silverstein, HMS lecturer on global health and social medicine, says paid sick leave should be extended to elderly, other vulnerable populations to slow spread of COVID-19

  • The Toughest Triage 
    New England Journal of Medicine
    HMS Dean George Q. Daley and two top bioethics experts on the difficult choices ahead for U.S. physicians

  • Managing Your Anxiety 
    Mental Floss
    David Rosmarin, HMS assistant professor of psychology, provides tips on how to cope with uncertainty, stay balanced

  • Protecting Health Care Workers 
    The New Yorker
    Atul Gawande, professor in health policy and management at the Harvard Chan School, on what we can learn from other countries

  • Talking to Kids About Coronavirus 
    Gene Beresin, HMS professor of psychiatry, on the right approach

  • Two Anticoronavirus Trials Launched 
    Boston Globe
    Elizabeth Hohmann, HMS assistant professor of medicine, is principal investigator in a Mass General trial

  • Research on Hold 
    Harvard Gazette
    Harvard labs ramp down for safety, donate protective gear

  • Sick Staff Fueled Seattle Outbreak 
    Associated Press
    David Grabowski, HMS professor of health care policy, on the outbreak

  • Getting Ahead of the Virus 
    New York Times
    Harvard President Larry Bacow on how the nation should follow the lead of top universities in responding to COVID-19

  • A Call to Duty 
    Boston Globe
    Boston scientific leaders outline plan for clinicians and scientists from academic medical centers, biotech, pharma and government to join forces to develop tools, treatments and vaccines

  • How Prepared Are Hospitals? 
    HMS Professor of Medicine Ashish Jha, talks about hospitals' ability to respond to COVID-19

  • Screening for Coronavirus 
    Isaac Kohane, head of the HMS Department of Biomedical Informatics, on a new online symptom-checking tool

  • Urgent Efforts to Develop Vaccine 
    ​Boston Globe
    Dan Barouch, HMS professor of immunology, on work in Boston to develop a potential COVID-19 vaccine

  • Social Distancing Is Key 
    ABC News
    Neha Chaudhary, HMS instructor in psychiatry, on measures taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus

  • A New Front
    The Harvard Gazette
    HMS Dean George Daley on the collaboration joining Boston’s biomedical community and researchers in China

  • Designing a Vaccine
    HMS News
    As the number of novel coronavirus infections rises daily across the globe, strategies for developing a safe and effective vaccine are rapidly moving forward

  • ‘Worry about 4 weeks from now’
    The Harvard Gazette
    Harvard epidemiologist Marc Lipsitch urges public to ramp up social distancing

  • Fighting COVID-19
    Harvard Magazine
    HMS and Harvard Chan School experts on studying the virus, dealing with epidemics and vaccine development

  • Safeguarding the Elderly 
    Harvard Gazette
    HMS Assistant Professor Helen Chew on steps to safeguard elderly patients

  • How Vulnerable Is Average Person?
    HMS instructor and ER physician Jeremy Faust on reassuring the well and helping those who are most vulnerable

  • Controlling the Spread
    Abraar Karan, HMS internal medicine physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, on preventing outbreaks in emergency rooms

  • Caring for Mental Health
    McLean Hospital

    HMS experts at McLean Hospital share ways to stay mentally balanced and safe.

  • Assessing the global response
    Paul Farmer, Kolokotrones University Professor of Global Health and Social Medicine, is quoted on how we should be responding to the pandemic
    The Atlantic

  • Medical Ethics of the Coronavirus Crisis
    Christine Mitchell of the Center for Bioethics at HMS discusses the ethical issues raised by a pandemic.
    New Yorker