Classes of 2000-2009

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The Harvard Medical School Alumni Association would like to pay tribute to the following alumni from the classes of 2000 - 2009.

Whenever possible we have included a link to an obituary. Please note that these are links to external websites.

Class of 2001

Neil S. Ghiso
Died February 11, 2002

Class of 2003

Christine M. Weeks
Died June 20, 2012
For more information, click here.

Class of 2004

Christopher W. Myers
Died January 31, 2005

Jeremy S. Tucker
Died September 6, 2013
For more information, click here.

Michael T. Ty
Died April 4, 2006

Ari Z. Weissman
Died July 22, 2006

Class of 2005

Alice B. Brown 
Died January 16, 2016
For more information, click here.

Gregory A. Feldman
Died November 15, 2010
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For more information, please contact:
Office of Alumni Relations
(617) 384-8520