Classes of 1980-1989

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The Harvard Medical School Alumni Association would like to pay tribute to the following alumni from the classes of 1980 - 1989.

Whenever possible we have included a link to an obituary. Please note that these are links to external websites.

Class of 1980

Pamela Anita Chevers
Died May 17, 1994

Sheila Dotson Davis
Died May 11, 2009

Terrell T. Gibbs
Died August 15, 2014
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Herman W. Pettiford Jr.
Died October 22, 1986

Randy Ira Phillips
Died January 29, 2005

Carol L. Zinar
Died July 14, 1981

Class of 1981

Bolanile Akinwole
Died January 8, 2012

Raymond D. Dickson
Died October 19, 1992

John S. Foster
Died April 7, 2003

Joel Paul Vatter
Died November 15, 2006

Ralph L. Warren
Died December 2, 2009

Allen R. Woolf
Died September 17, 2008

Class of 1982

Laura E. Sanders
Died May 6, 2002

Class of 1983

Peter R. Baginsky
Died November 14, 2014
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Edward B. Bromfield
Died May 10, 2009

Brian Bugella
Died May 7, 1986

Lisa C. Burrus
Died July 10, 1989

Robert Lee Ely
Died Before Graduation, 1982

Linda A. Fay
Died September 30, 2013
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Katherine R. Leavitt
Died December, 1996

Paul J. Schliesman
Died July 12, 1986

Class of 1984

Raymond C. Alexandre
Died December 25, 1991

Kevin R. Devey
Died 1996

Jane C. Weeks
Died September 10, 2013
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Class of 1985

Kenneth A. Dressler
Died July 28, 2012
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Class of 1987

Marlon Sellers
Died March 30, 1985

Ruthanne B. Simmons
Died November 8, 2002

Scott J. Thaler
Died August 27, 2004

Class of 1988

Richard Austin
Died August 20, 1998

Steven Denlinger
Died April 12, 1994

Randy Forbes
Died July 15, 2008

Frederick Haupert
Died February 18, 1995

Ahamindra Jain
Died May 10, 2008

Paul Lazano
Died in April, 1991

Joanne Levy
Died October 23, 2004

Warren Muldrow
Died April 10, 1987

Hayward Young
Died May 31, 1993

Class of 1989

Robert K. Cole
Died February 1, 1991

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