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Do you remember your Second Year Show?

It's a tradition that lasted 108 years.

Back to the future: The 109th annual—and final—Second Year Show, “Brave New Pathways,” staged by members of the HMS/HSDM Class of 2018, entertained audiences with song, dance and parody. Because of changes to the medical education curriculum, the show will henceforth be produced by fourth-year students. View related story.

Past Shows

  • Class of 2018: Brave New Pathways
  • Class of 2017: Thrush Hour: The Case of the Mismanaged Curriculum
  • Class of 2016: HMS and the Tiebreaker Tournament
  • Class of 2015: Publish or Perish: The Dark Dean Rises
  • Class of 2014: The Hangoverdose
  • Class of 2013: Marginal Past
  • Class of 2012: Mountains Beyond Brokeback Mountain
  • Class of 2011: He’s Got Curriculum
  • Class of 2010: All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Medical School
  • Class of 2009: Joseph Martin and the Amazing Technicolor White Coat
  • Class of 2008: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Fornix
  • Class of 2007: Into the Longwoods
  • Class of 2006: Cremaster and Commander: The Inner Side of the Thigh
  • Class of 2005: My Big, Fat Distal Swelling
  • Class of 2004: Viva Las Vagus: The Angina Monologues
  • Class of 2003: Corporate Looteum: The MEC Shall Inherit the Earth
  • Class of 2002: Perverse Transcriptase
  • Class of 2001: Six Degrees of Decussation
  • Class of 2000: Back to the Suture
  • Class of 1999: Gone with the Dean
  • Class of 1998: Faustian Bargains and Other Diverticula
  • Class of 1997: Schwann Lake
  • Class of 1996: Thoracic Park
  • Class of 1995: Harvard Med Made Ridiculously Simple: An Adventure in Wonderland
  • Class of 1994: Jill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
  • Class of 1993: Twin Geeks
  • Class of 1992: Absence of Malleus
  • Class of 1991: Can We Fake a Better Doctor?
  • Class of 1990: Great Expectorations
  • Class of 1989: Doc of Ages
  • Class of 1988: The White Coats Are Coming
  • Class of 1987: Trivial Pursuits: The Medical Edition
  • Class of 1986: The Right Stiff
  • Class of 1985: A Christmas Camel
  • Class of 1984: The Precynical Years
  • Class of 1983: Medtime for Bonzo
  • Class of 1982: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Foramen
  • Class of 1981: Humorrhoids
  • Class of 1980: Skits-O-Phrenia
  • Class of 1979: Cramalot
  • Class of 1973:- Back Side Story
  • Class of 1969: Warren’s Piece, or How to Cream the System Without Actually Beating It
  • Class of 1968: The Spy Who Came into the Fold
  • Class of 1967: Pecker’s Last Stand
  • Class of 1966: Falice in Wonderland
  • Class of 1965: A Goose in the Bush
  • Class of 1963: Up and Coming: A Challenge to Youth
  • Class of 1962: A Comedy of Eros

2015 Second Year Show

Photo Gallery

View photos from the 2015 Second Year Show.


Aesculapian Club

Founded in 1902 by Townsend W. Thorndike, Henry I. Bowditch, Francis W. Palfrey, William C. Quinby, and Samuel Robinson during their fourth year at HMS. In the early period of the Aesculapian Club there existed a strong sentiment in favor of its serving a purely social purpose, and quickly the members decided that life was too short to be wasted entirely on the art of medicine and the club added a number of purely social pursuits to its endeavors, most notably the Second Year Show, which began in 1907. Since that time the Aesculapian Club has devoted itself whole-heartedly to improving life at HMS for students while continuing to promote student and faculty interaction. Election into the Aesculapian Club remains among the highest honors attainable at Harvard Medical School. Read more»

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