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Class Reunion Committees

Chair of Alumni Relations, A.W. Karchmer, MD '64, expresses his gratitude to Reunion Committee members

2018 Committee Members

Class of 1958

Joseph Burnett, MD
Martin Cline, MD
Cecil Coggins, MD
Myron Conovitz, MD
Howard Corwin, MD
Jules Dienstag, MD*
George Jacoby, MD
Elliott Miller, MD
Joseph Carter Oakley, DMD
Anthony Patton, MD
Richard Rieselbach, MD
Adrianne Rogers, MD
Peter Schur, MD
Thorne Winter, MD

*Honorary member

Class of 1963

James Beck, MD
Dale Cowan, MD
Paul Davis, MD
Francis Evans, MD
John Griffin, MD
Thomas Halpin, MD
Harley Haynes, MD
Cyrus Hopkins, MD
William Kates, MD
Robert Lewitt, MD
Jim Lingley, MD
John Mendelsohn, MD
Richard Monson, MD
Gordon Moore, MD
David Papermaster, MD
David Preven, MD
Edwin Prien, MD
Charles Riordan, MD
Neil Shore, MD
Yong Uahwatanasakul, MD
Andrew Warshaw, MD
Katharine Wolf, MD
Marshall Wolf, MD

Class of 1968

Michael Ascher, MD
Suzanne Boulter, MD
John Bullock, MD, MPH '03
Robert Colvin, MD
Sarah Donaldson, MD 
Michael Droller, MD
Robert Frank, DMD
Alexander McBean, MD
David Oakes, MD
Laird Patterson, MD
Stephen Pauker, MD
Stephanie Pincus, MD
Thomas Pollard, MD
Ronald Tegtmeir, MD
Peter Zawadsky, MD

Class of 1973

James Doroshow, MD
Dan Hier, MD
Mark Kelley, MD
Lee Nadler, MD
Dick Peinert, MD
Michael Rosenblatt, MD
William Thorpe, MD
Steve Weinberger, MD
Barry Zitin, MD
Melinda Zitin, MD

Class of 1978

Sandra Cohen, MD
Adrian Gropper, MD
Bobbi Isberg, MD
Mark Lebwohl, MD
Susan Okie, MD
Roger Pasinski, MD
Martha Radford, MD
Walter Weiss, MD*

*Honorary member

Class of 1983

Hugh Calkins, MD
Hank Frissora, MD*
​Gilad Gordon, MD
Lisa Guay-Woodford, MD
Peggy Hamburg, MD*
Ken Ishizue, MD
David Keller, MD
Willie Lawrence, MD
Jean Roiphe, MD
Ann Taylor, MD

*Honorary member

Class of 1988

John Corsetti, MD
Robert Duerr, MD
Sara Forman, MD
Tamara Fountain, MD
David Frim, MD
Daniel Goodman, MD
Timothy Graubert, MD
Jeffrey Hanway, MD
Vivek Kavadi, MD
Elaine Kaye, MD
Mandi Kunen, MD
Rebecca Leong, MD
Steven Markowitz, MD
Andrea Reid, MD
Edward Ryan, MD
Gail Semigran, MD
Joseph Shrager, MD
Robin Smith, MD
Anne Stack, MD
Rosalie Tocco-Bradley, MD
Fiona Wilson, MD
Kim Wilson, MD
Samuel Wong, MD

Class of 1993

Tamara Callahan, MD
Douglas Chin, MD
Eliza Chin, MD
Heidi Fischer, MD
Elizabeth Garner, MD
Kathryn Glatter, MD
Mahalakshmi Halasyamani, MD
Rainu Kaushal, MD
Joan Lo, MD
Laura Miller, MD
Mitra Mofid, MD
Charles Rich, MD
Diana Rodriguez, MD
Nathan Selden, MD

Class of 1998

Christiana Bardon, MD
Ann Borders, MD
Paula Brathwaite, MD
Allison Bryant, MD
Liane Clamen, MD
David Cooke, MD
Jake Elkins, MD
Tonya McDonald, MD
Subroto Paul, MD
Toshiko Uchida, MD
Ann Wu, MD
Brett Zbar, MD

Class of 2003

Elizabeth Buzney, MD
Jay Chyung, MD
Glenn Gaviola, MD
Mary Beth Gordon, MD
Sophia Koo, MD
Paul Nguyen, MD
Coleen Sabatini, MD
Eric Rosenthal, MD
Charmaine Wright, MD

Class of 2008

Daniel Cassarella, DMD
Priscilla Hanudel, MD
Lauren Henderson, MD
Melissa Pena, MD
Kristy Rialon, MD

Class of 2013

Chris Barth, DMD
Kristine Specht Burk, MD
Brady Evans, MD
Shantanu Gaur, MD
Katie McCarfferty, DMD
Richard Senatore, DMD

2017 Committee Members

Class of 1957

Sidney Alexander, MD
Albert Crum, MD
Dan Ditmore, MD
William Greenough, MD
Richard Grossman, DMD
George Hill, MD
Edward Horton, MD
Robert Palmer, MD

Class of 1962

Barry Agranat, DMD
Martha Denckla, MD
Steve Jonas, MD
Gerald Keusch, MD
Ken McIntosh, AB ’58, MD
Roger Meyer, MD
George Miller, AB ’58, MD
Gary Noble, MD
Eileen Ouellette, MD
Fred Sillman, MD
Fred Sparling, MD
Henry Vaillant, AB ’58, MD, SM ’69
Cathy Wilfert, MD

Class of 1967

William Bernet, MD
Leonard Ellman, AB ’63, MD
Laurence Gardner, MD
Philip Goldsmith, MD
Philip Landrigan, MD
Ira Morris, MD
Lawrence Phillips, MD
Richard Reiling, MD
Karl Singer, AB ’63, MD
John Wesley, AB ’63, MD

Class of 1972

Ann Bajart, MD
Steven Brem, MD
Bill Chin, MD
Jeffrey Drazen, MD
Steve Galli, AB ’68, MD
Doug Kelling, MD
Tony Schemmer, MD
Peter Weller, AB ’68, MD

Class of 1977

Gilbert Brodsky, AB ’73, MD
Patricia Cook, MD
Linda Niessen, DMD, MPH ’77, MPP ’82, PD ’82
Bob Taylor, MD, MPH ’80

Class of 1982

Pete DiBattiste, MD
Thomas DeLaney, AB ’77, MD
Barbara Greco, MD
Tally Lassiter, MD
Abraham Morgentaler, AB ’78, MD
George Mutter, MD
James O’Connell, MD
David Seidenwurm, MD
Michael Weiss, AB ’78, MD, PhD ’86

Class of 1987

Richard Born, MD
FX Campion, MD
Chinfei Chen, MD, PhD ’91
Joseph Conigliaro, MD
Sharon Curhan, MD, SM ’06
Christopher H. Fox, DMD, SM, DMSc ’91, PD ’91
Kalon Ho, MD, SM ’95
Julia Little, MD
Eliza Menninger, MD
Mary Mullen, AB ’83, AM ’87, MD, PhD ’91
Christopher O’Donnell, MD, MPH ’94
David Roth, MD
Paul Wood, MD

Class of 1992

Simon Ashiku, MD
Annette Chen, MD
David Kieff, MD
Ben Nguyen, AB ’88, MD
Gary Proulx, MD
Saiya Remmler, MD
Michelle Rivera, MD
Samir Shah, MD

Class of 1997

Sitaram Emani, MD
Joel Gelfand, MD
Chi-Cheng Huang, MD
Steve Kalkanis, AB ’93, MD
Allison McDonough, MD
Geoff McDonough, MD
Mireya Nadal-Vicens, AB ’91, MD, PhD ’03, MMSc ’12
Shona Pendse, MD, MMSc ’05
Elena Martinez Stoffel, MD, MPH ’03

Class of 2002

Christine Ament, AB ’97, MD
Jennifer Ho, MD
Patrick Yachimski, AN ’96, MD, MPH ’08

Class of 2007

Lindsay Freud, MD
Chris Russell, AB ’00, MD
Yetsa Tuakli, MD

Class of 2012

Hermioni Lokko, MD, MPP ’12
Erika Walsh, MD




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