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Class Reunion Committees

Chair of Alumni Relations, A.W. Karchmer, MD '64, expresses his gratitude to Reunion Committee members

2017 Committee Members

Class of 1957

Sidney Alexander, MD
Albert Crum, MD
Dan Ditmore, MD
William Greenough, MD
Richard Grossman, DMD
George Hill, MD
Edward Horton, MD
Robert Palmer, MD

Class of 1962

Barry Agranat, DMD
Martha Denckla, MD
Steve Jonas, MD
Gerald Keusch, MD
Ken McIntosh, AB ’58, MD
Roger Meyer, MD
George Miller, AB ’58, MD
Gary Noble, MD
Eileen Ouellette, MD
Fred Sillman, MD
Fred Sparling, MD
Henry Vaillant, AB ’58, MD, SM ’69
Cathy Wilfert, MD

Class of 1967

William Bernet, MD
Leonard Ellman, AB ’63, MD
Laurence Gardner, MD
Philip Goldsmith, MD
Philip Landrigan, MD
Ira Morris, MD
Lawrence Phillips, MD
Richard Reiling, MD
Karl Singer, AB ’63, MD
John Wesley, AB ’63, MD

Class of 1972

Ann Bajart, MD
Steven Brem, MD
Bill Chin, MD
Jeffrey Drazen, MD
Steve Galli, AB ’68, MD
Doug Kelling, MD
Tony Schemmer, MD
Peter Weller, AB ’68, MD

Class of 1977

Gilbert Brodsky, AB ’73, MD
Patricia Cook, MD
Linda Niessen, DMD, MPH ’77, MPP ’82, PD ’82
Bob Taylor, MD, MPH ’80

Class of 1982

Pete DiBattiste, MD
Thomas DeLaney, AB ’77, MD
Barbara Greco, MD
Tally Lassiter, MD
Abraham Morgentaler, AB ’78, MD
George Mutter, MD
James O’Connell, MD
David Seidenwurm, MD
Michael Weiss, AB ’78, MD, PhD ’86

Class of 1987

Richard Born, MD
FX Campion, MD
Chinfei Chen, MD, PhD ’91
Joseph Conigliaro, MD
Sharon Curhan, MD, SM ’06
Christopher H. Fox, DMD, SM, DMSc ’91, PD ’91
Kalon Ho, MD, SM ’95
Julia Little, MD
Eliza Menninger, MD
Mary Mullen, AB ’83, AM ’87, MD, PhD ’91
Christopher O’Donnell, MD, MPH ’94
David Roth, MD
Paul Wood, MD

Class of 1992

Simon Ashiku, MD
Annette Chen, MD
David Kieff, MD
Ben Nguyen, AB ’88, MD
Gary Proulx, MD
Saiya Remmler, MD
Michelle Rivera, MD
Samir Shah, MD

Class of 1997

Sitaram Emani, MD
Joel Gelfand, MD
Chi-Cheng Huang, MD
Steve Kalkanis, AB ’93, MD
Allison McDonough, MD
Geoff McDonough, MD
Mireya Nadal-Vicens, AB ’91, MD, PhD ’03, MMSc ’12
Shona Pendse, MD, MMSc ’05
Elena Martinez Stoffel, MD, MPH ’03

Class of 2002

Christine Ament, AB ’97, MD
Jennifer Ho, MD
Patrick Yachimski, AN ’96, MD, MPH ’08

Class of 2007

Lindsay Freud, MD
Chris Russell, AB ’00, MD
Yetsa Tuakli, MD

Class of 2012

Hermioni Lokko, MD, MPP ’12
Erika Walsh, MD

2016 Committee Members

Class of 1956

Banks Anderson Jr., MD
Howard Baden, AB ’52, MD
Stanley Franklin, MD
Rosalind Frim, MD
Firmon Hardenbergh, AB ’52, MD
Norman Levine, AB ’52, MD
Anthony Monaco Sr., MD
Richard O’Hara, MD
Sanford Roth, MD
Stefan Schatzki, AB ’52, MD

Class of 1961

Tenley Albright, MD
Morton Alterman, MD
Herbert Benson, MD
Norman Cohen, MD
Josef Fischer, MD
Robert Flescher, MD
Buck Frederick, MD
Ron Grimm, AB ’57, MD
Newton Hyslop Jr., AB ’57, MD
William Otto Jr., AB ’57, MD
Edward Rolde, AB ’57, MD, SM ’67, SD ’74
Robert Rose, MD
Douglas Sheft, MD
Ronald Weintraub, AB ’57, MD, AMP ’95

Class of 1966

Jay Kaufman, MD

Laurence Beck, MD
Robert Binder, DMD
Bruce Cutler, MD
Suzanne Fletcher, MD
Joel Friedman, MD
Thomas Gettelfinger, MD
Larry Gettleman, DMD
Jonathan Glass, MD
Robert Greenes, MD, SM ’68, PhD ’70
Charles Hatem, MD
Edward Hughes, MD
Barbara McNeil, MD, PhD ’72, AMP ’86
Lyle Micheli, AB ’62, MD
Scott Nelson MD, MPH ’70
Bob Owen, MD
Michael Rie, MD
John Schott, MD
William Shipley, MD
Phillip Stubblefield, AB ’62, MD
Frank Welsh, MD
William Wood, MD

Class of 1971

Robert Beart Jr., MD
Manny Cassimatis, MD
Craig Donaldson, AB ’68, MD
John Hamilton, MD
Dennis Landis, AB ’67, MD
Stuart Orkin, MD
David Spiegel, MD
James Young, MD

Class of 1976

Tom Aretz, MD
Gregory Bazylewicz, MD
Kenneth Bollin, AB ’72, MD
Harold Bursztajn, MD
Phyllis Gardner, MD
Samuel Goldhaber, AB ’72, MD
Laurie Green, AB ’72, MD
Ted Kohler, AB ’72, MD
Hope Kohler, MD
Johnson Lightfoote, AB ’72, MD
Frederick Mansfield, AB ’69, MD
David Nierenberg, AB ’71, MD
Elaine Shiang, MD

Class of 1981

Perry Culver Jr., MD
Karen Dickson, MD
Jane-Iris Farhi, MD
Howard Herrmann, AB ’77, MD
Michael Johnson, MD
Margaret Liu, MD
Noel Bairey Merz, MD
Deborah Morris-Harris, AB ’72, MD
Ilonna Rimm, MD, PhD ’83
Karen Rosenkrantz, AB ’77, MD
Robert Sackstein, AB ’77, MD, PhD ’85
Robert Tepper, MD
David Torchiana, MD

Class of 1986

Mark Hughes, AB ’82, MD
Plas James, MD
Kathy Jenkins, MD, MPH ’94
Elizabeth Mort, MD
Pepper Murray, MD
Scott Phillips, MD

Class of 1991

Mary Barton, MD, MPP ’91
Elizabeth Biegelsen, MD
John Dalrymple, MD
Alik Farber, MD
William Hahn, AB ’87, MD, PhD ’94
Jane Liebshutz, MD
Alison May, MD
Stephanie Seminara, AB ’87, MD
Bruce Wintman, MD
Monika Woods, AB ’86, MD

Class of 1996

Neal Baer, MD
Elbert Huang, AB ’92, MD, MPH ’01 
Anna Kazanchyan, MD
Rajani LaRocca, MD
Jeffrey Schnipper, MD
Antonia Stephen, MD

Class of 2001

Nikhil Chanani, MD
Shelly-Ann Fluker, MD
Gregory Sawicki, AB ’97, MD, MPH ’07

Class of 2006

Sachin Jain, AB ’02, MD, MBA ’07
Pooja Kumar, MD
Viviany Taqueti, AB ’02, MD, MPH ’14
Nancy Wei, AB ’02, MD, MMSc ’12

Class of 2011

Matthew Baker, MD
David Berg, MD
James Guseh II, AB ’06, MD
Sara Hahn, DMD
Leslie Irvine, AB ’07, MD
Tafadzwa Muguwe, MD
Adnan Prsic, MD



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