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Strong class leadership is critical to a successful Reunion.

The Class Reunion Committee plays a very important role in this and works collaboratively with HMS staff to manage all aspects of its Reunion. The Committee helps plan Reunion activities and raise a Reunion Class Gift.

Reunion Gala at the Boston Harbor Hotel

The goal of Reunion is to reconnect alumni with the School, as well as reconnect alumni with each other. Class Reunion Committees and the HMS staff form a collaborative partnership to plan successful Reunions. Classes with volunteers who work collaboratively with each other and the staff set attendance records and present record-breaking class gifts.

Each class sets its own tone to ensure its Reunion reflects the unique character of the class and offers something for everyone. Committee members’ personal dedication, enthusiasm, and gift contribution are vital to increasing attendance and funds raised during this milestone. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Developing the schedule of events for your class-specific activities
  • Encouraging participation in your Reunion Report
  • Providing leadership and guidance for the fundraising efforts of the Reunion Gift Campaign
  • Helping spread the word about the Reunion Gift Campaign

For more information, please contact
Susan Rice
(617) 384-8635







Reunion 2018: May 31 - June 2Classes ending in 3 or 8, Reignite the curiosity you enjoyed as a student. Reconnect with your classmates and Rediscover the campus during your Reunion.