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Class of 1945

Adelbert Ames III, MD

Class of 1946

John W. Braasch, MD

Class of 1947

John A. Duggan, MD

Class of 1948

Philip Troen, AB ’45, MD

Class of 1951

Gerald S. Foster, MD
Tor Richter, MD

Class of 1952

William D. Cochran, AB ’45, MD
W. Hardy Hendren III, MD

Class of 1953

Philip J. Snodgrass, AB ’49, MD

Class of 1954

K. Frank Austen
Thomas F. O'Brien

Class of 1955

Roman W. DeSanctis, MD
Mitchell T. Rabkin, AB ’51, MD

Class of 1956

Norman Levine, MD
Stephen Schatzski, MD

Class of 1957

Albert B. Crum, MD

Class of 1958

Howard A. Corwin, AB ’54, MD

Class of 1959

Robert S. Blacklow, AB ’55, MD
Paul Friedmann

Class of 1960

Jane G. Schaller, MD
Joseph S. Barr Jr, MD

Class of 1961

Albert R. Frederick Jr, MD

Class of 1962

Roger E. Meyer, MD

Class of 1963

Paul J. Davis, MD

Class of 1964

A.W. Karchmer, MD

Class of 1965

James A. Nelson, AB ’61, MD

Class of 1966

Frank Welsh, MD

Class of 1967

Laurence B. Gardner, MD
Philip L. Goldsmith, MD

Class of 1968

David D. Oakes, AB ’63, MD

Class of 1969

George E. Thibault, MD

Class of 1970

Cary W. Akins, AB ’99, MD
Michael B. Millis, AB ’66, MD

Class of 1971

Robert W. Beart Jr, MD
Frederick L. Jones, MD

Class of 1972

Ann M. Bajart, MD

Class of 1973

Barry R. Zitin, MD

Class of 1974

Anthony H. Russell, MD

Class of 1975

Homero R. Garza, MD, MPH ’76
David J. Zaleske, MD

Class of 1976

Phyllis I. Gardner, MD
David W. Nierenberg, AB ’71, MD

Class of 1977

Roger F. Steinert, AB ’73, MD
Richard F. Wright, M

Class of 1978

Mary A. Stefanyszyn, MD

Class of 1979

Rhonda E. Rand, MD

Class of 1980

Charles F. Simmons Jr., MD

Class of 1981

Perry J. Culver Jr, AB ’72, MD

Class of 1982

James Joseph O'Connell, MD

Class of 1983

Kenneth K. Ishizue, MD

Class of 1984

Redmond P. Burke, MD

Class of 1985

Rosa M. Crum, MD

Class of 1986

Scott Phillips, MD
Mark S. Hughes, MD

Class of 1987

Eliza W. Menninger, MD
Christopher J. O'Donnell, MD, MPH ’94

Class of 1988

Rosalie Tocco-Bradley, MD

Class of 1989

Glenn M. Chertow, MD, MPH ’95

Class of 1990

Erica B. Schulman, AB ’84, SM ’86, MD
Tiron C. Pechet, MD

Class of 1991

William C. Hahn, AB ’87, MD, PhD ‘94
Reisa A. Sperling, MD

Class of 1992

Taine T. Pechet, AB ’87, MD

Class of 1993

Tamara L. Callahan, MD, MPP ’95
Michael J. Murphy, MD

Class of 1994

Marc S. Sabatine, MD

Class of 1995

Neal A. Baer, MD

Class of 1996

Neal A. Baer, EDM ’79, AM ’82, MD

Class of 1998

Allison S. Bryant, AB ’94, MD, MPH ’04

Class of 1999

Elissa B. Rottenberg, MD

Class of 2000

Jennifer E. Verbesey, MD

Class of 2001

Shelly-Ann N. Fluker, MD

Class of 2002

Patrick Stephen Yachimski, AB ’96, MD, MPH ’08

Class of 2003

Elizabeth A. Buzney, AB ’99, MD
Mary Beth E. Gordon, AB ’95, MD

Class of 2004

Oni J. Blackstock, AB ’99, MD

Class of 2005

Robert J. Casey III, MD
Marco Fredrick Ellis, MD

Class of 2006

Nancy J. Wei, AB ’02, MD, MMS ’12

Class of 2007

Christopher J. Russell, AB ’00, MD

Class of 2008

Taniqua N. Alexander-Miller, MD

Class of 2009

Phillip N. Williams, MD

Class of 2010

Amara L. Mulder, AB ’03, MD

Class of 2011

Matthew Baker, MD
Huma Farid, AB ’06, MD

Class of 2012

Hermioni Naa Norley Lokko, MD, MPP ’12
Erika McCarty Walsh, MD

Class of 2013

Shantanu Guar, MD
Brady Evans, MD



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