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The Alumni Council promotes and supports activities that connect alumni to each other, connect alumni to the School, and connect students and alumni.

Alumni Council Roster

Jim O'Connell

James J. O'Connell III, MD '
Charlestown, MA
[Term on Council 2014-2017]

Lisa Henske President-Elect
Elizabeth Petri Henske, MD ’85
Cambridge, MA
[Term on Council 2015-2018]
Michael Rosenblatt

Michael Rosenblatt, MD ’73
Newton Centre, MA
[Term on Council 2016-2019]

Nancy Oriol

Nancy Oriol, MD ’79

Cambridge, MA
[Term on Council 2016-2019]

Phillip Landrigan

Philip Landrigan, MD ’67

Mamaroneck, NY
[Term on Council 2015-2018]

Andrea E. Reid

Andrea E. Reid, MD ’88, MPH ’01
Silver Spring, MD
[Term on Council 2014-2017]

Michael LaCombe

Immediate Past President
Michael LaCombe, MD ’68
Peaks Island, ME
[Term on Council 2012-2017]

Jennifer Chen

Councilor At Large
Jennifer Y. Chen, AB ’03, MD ’09

Brookline, MA
[Term on Council 2016-2019]

Carolyn Olson Walsh

Councilor: First Pentad
Carolyn Olson Walsh, MD ’09
Boston, MA
[Term on Council 2014-2017]

Tami Tiamfook-Morgan

Councilor: Second Pentad
Tami Tiamfook-Morgan, MD ’04

Ellicott City, MD
[Term on Council 2015-2018]

Fidencio Saldaña

Councilor: Third Pentad
Fidencio Saldaña, MD ’01, MPH ’05

Roslindale, MA
[Term on Council 2016-2019]

Emily Oken

Councilor: Fourth Pentad
Emily Oken, MD ’95, MPH ’03
Boston, MA
[Term on Council 2014-2017]

Louise Aronson

Councilor: Fifth Pentad
Louise Aronson, MD ’92

San Francisco, CA
[Term on Council 2015-2018]

Wanda Barfield

Councilor: Sixth Pentad
Wanda Barfield, MD ’89, MPH ’90

Tucker, GA
[Term on Council 2016-2019]

Richard Payne

Councilor: Seventh Pentad
Richard Payne, MD ’77
Durham, NC
[Term on Council 2014-2017]

S. Jean H. Emans

Councilor: Eighth Pentad
S. Jean H. Emans, AB ’66, MD ’70
Boston, MA
[Term on Council 2014-2017]

James Doroshow

Councilor: Ninth Pentad
James Doroshow, AB ’69
MD ’73
Bethesda, MD
[Term on Council 2015-2018]

Marshall Wolf

Councilor: Tenth and Beyond Pentads
Marshall Wolf, AB ’58, MD ’63

Chestnut Hill, MA
[Term on Council: 2016-2019]

In addition to the elected members of the Council, each representing a group of five HMS classes [a pentad], two representatives to the Harvard Alumni Association and five Ex-Officio members sit at Council Meetings.

Ex-Officio Members (in alphabetical order)

Harold Burstein

Harold Burstein, AB ’86, MD ’90, AM ’94, PhD ’94
HAA Representative

Geroge Q. Daley

George Q. Daley, AB ’82, MD ’91, PhD
Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

Tamara Fountain

Tamara R. Fountain, MD ’88
Chair of the Alumni Fund

A.W. Karchmer

A.W. Karchmer, MD ’64
Chair of Alumni Relations

The Council welcomes comments and suggestions that can improve service to all alumni.



Alumni Council 2015-2016

The Council is composed of 15 members, representing alumni by pentads, elected to a three-year term and meeting three times annually. The Council serves a consultative and advisory role to the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Harvard Medical School by listening and responding to current issues. It also appoints, in consultation with the Dean, the Chair of Alumni Relations and the Chair of the Alumni Fund.

Constitution & By-Laws of the


The HMAA constitution was last ratified at the Annual Meeting of the Harvard Medical Alumni Association on Friday, June 3, 2016. Download »

2018 Alumni Council


Those elected would "take office" for a three year term and are expected to attend three, all-day meetings in Boston each year and possess a willingness to listen to fellow alumni and bring their interests and concerns to the Alumni Council. If you would like to recommend an HMS alumna or alumnus (including yourself), please send your nomination via email to

Harvard Medicine Magazine


Since 1927, Harvard Medicine, formerly known as the Harvard Medical Alumni Bulletin, has featured doctors’ voices on topics ranging from the healing power of music to the neurology of humor. The magazine seeks to capture the work of the Harvard Medical School community and its power to make contributions to human health.

Harvard Medicine Magazine Online »

For more information, please contact:
Office of Alumni Relations
(617) 384-8520