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On this page you will find links to the White Papers and reports resulting from the HMS Strategic Planning process initiated in October 2007.  In this first phase of the planning process, participants were asked to think broadly and creatively about how to maximize scientific progress, without considering issues such as funding sources or space requirements.

These reports cover a very wide range of possible directions, all of which are undoubtedly important and interesting.  While it is unlikely that the School will be able to invest significantly in all of them, at least in the short term, I am hopeful that the very act of bringing the community together to write these reports has shaped our efforts in these areas in an important way.

In Fall 2008, I intend to convene new teams to work on the next steps of prioritization, fund-raising and detailed planning.  I hope you can take the time over the summer to read these reports carefully, and to send me your thoughts and insights about how we should now go forward.

With many thanks for your support,
Jeffrey Flier

Microbial Sciences Report »

Imaging Report »

Aging Report »

Social Sciences Report »

Bioengineering Report »

Biomedical Research Advisory Group: Organizational Structures Subcommittee Report »

Neuroscience Report »

Chemical Biology/Pharmacology/Therapeutics »

Human Genetics at Harvard University »

Immunology and Inflammation at Harvard »

Strategic Advisory Group on Education (SAGE) Report »

Tools and Technology Committee Report »